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  • Can War Be Just?
    Just wars and cautious discernment
    Each and every time the United States considers military action, those of us who are members of pacifist peace churches feel conflicted and torn. We protest, we march, we register our complaints, but almost everyone ignores us. Once again, we are...
  • A Memorial Day appreciation
    Making sense of Memorial Day when a religion opposes war
    At veterans’ cemeteries across the country on Monday, a lone bugler will stand erect and sound taps. At Beverly and Finn’s Point National Cemeteries in New Jersey — and at hundreds more hallowed resting places in every state ...
  • Hungry for Justice
    Hungry for Justice
    The blurb accompanying this viral video reads like this: "A gringo who tags along with social movements in Mexico so he can eat free food and be at the barricades reports on a historic encounter between Mexico's emerging movement against...
  • Interfaith Observance of 9/11 at the Dryden Theater
    Non-Violence in the Post-9/11 World
    Yesterday at the Eastman house I attended the Interfaith Community Observance to mark the tenth anniversary of the Twin Tower attacks in New York City a decade ago. While much of the service was given to recollection of thoughts and feelings from...
  • Egyptian protest
    Egypt's Struggle is Our Own
    I have watched the violence and the revolt in Egypt with a heavy heart. On one hand, I am overjoyed to see a people long held in shackles struggling to attain freedom. I hope this sentiment will someday encircle the world, so that, as it is...
  • gold3.jpg
    Op-Ed: Is the Golden Rule really the best idea?
    www.FreedomTracks.comWhat is today known as the “golden rule”, is found in similar form in at least 37 often non-connected cultures. Thus, the laws of God are clearly written on the conscience of humanity, as the Bible claims and as...
  • hoppression.jpg
    Op-Ed: Does belief in God cause human oppression?
    www.FreedomTracks.comIs it really accurate, assome intellectualsclaim today, to blame belief in God as the cause of war and other human oppression? Is this any more correct than blaming science and education? Isn't it more honest to instead, blame...
  • god.jpg
    Op-Ed: God; a perspective
    www.FreedomTracks.comAncient Galilee covered an area of approximately 1,000 square miles. The area of the earth is about 197 million square miles. Thus, it would take approximately 197,000 ancient Galilees to cover the surface of the earth.Earth...
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