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  • Government Business Reference Model
    Pandora's box is open: What's the purpose of government?
    Yesterday’s article, “Producing a sustainable government isn't the goal,” said that the aim of government is to produce required outcomes. A reader took issue with that and said this:“I might be missing the whole idea...
  • President Obama
    Another fine pep rally, but not State of the Union report
    Did you feel good after the President’s speech last night? It’s hard to maintain a scowling expression even for John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Well, they weren’t smiling that...
  • She demonstrates masterful control of ballroom dancing by releasing her artful body
    The Innateness of "Control": Its evolution & manifestations
    The reason many people in our society are miserable, sick, and highly stressed is because of an unhealthy attachment to things they have no control over. -Steve MaravoliSo much of our discontent ...comes from our unwillingness to let go, of trying...
  • Beliefs and Outcomes
    Do our beliefs dictate our outcomes?
    Are the expectations of a pessimist more often met compared to an optimist? It can surely seem that way. It is said that we most often receive that which we expect, but does “life” go awry more often than it goes in a pleasant...
  • Obama on Affordable Care
    Obama busted on Affordable Care metrics
    One thing that is for certain about President Obama and its administration is their elusiveness about outcomes, measures, and accountability. You can claim to be transparent with you have no intention of clearly defining outcomes and have no...
  • Test the limits of your capabilites
    Why we compete & what determines quality of outcomes
    Watching the power, grit, stamina, and precision-maneuvering at the U.S. OpenTennis Championships in early September and later, a spell-bounding film -- a truestory of the courage and sacrifice of a young girl of Indian and American origin,Noor...
  • The White House
    Motivation behind ‘Outcome-Driven Government’
    First of all, the concept of automated government is as old as information technology itself. Application of automation to government has lagged behind automation in business and industry. Why?In information technology terminology, it is because...
  • George Bush and Barack Obama
    Politico talks about Obama's Bush hangover
    Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere cleverly describes the effect of George W. Bush on the Obama administration as being a “hangover.” That’s a fair description because the Bush legacy handicapped Obama with extreme constraints...
  • Care for stroke patients varies greatly between hospitals
    Care for stroke patients varies greatly between hospitals
    Not uncommonly, consumers check hospital statistics when deciding on where to go for their care. However, these statistics may contain bias. A new study by UCLA researchers reports that stroke outcomes by hospitals may be skewed when the severity...
  • Prepper Optimization Node Tree Diagram
    Defining the prepper process for optimizing return on resources
    As reported before, in order to know how to accomplish our self-reliant aims we must first define the targets. That is, we must define prepper outcomes. The definition and metrics will be customized for everyone, though I can provide some guidance...
    A holiday message
    May the season bring truth in spirit, peace in your soul and love in your hearts! One cannot help but ponder the meaning of the holiday season, no matter what our beliefs might be! Having been raised in a Jewish household, we celebrated the season...
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