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  • A guide to film music labels: commercial releases
    A guide to film music labels: commercial releases
    Our last article described the ever-popular concept of limited edition private releases in the world of film soundtracks. Its complement is the older, much more traditional notion of commercial releases.Commercial CDs are the kind you can find at...
  • Around the world with film music
    Around the world with film music - part 1
    Cinema is universal. An immense array of countries have been producing films since the dawn of the 20th century. In fact, Hollywood has all by itself depicted a great number of foreign cultures throughout the years. Film music with strong cultural...
  • Album Cover
    Kishi Bashi: '151a' (2012)
    '151a' by Kishi Bashi is an experimental Indie-Pop album.As I listen to the third track of this album (entitled: 'Bright Whales') I can't help but think I've heard it somewhere before, a quick search turns up that it's...
  • Album Cover
    The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra: 'Originals Volume 1' (2012)
    "Originals Volume 1" by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra is a completely synthetic orchestral piece that could fool even the most trained ear.The record starts out with simple guitar picking, before eventually becoming fully...
  • WH40KSoundtrack
    Soundtrack Review: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    The grim, dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe deeply embedded in fans of the Games Workshop intellectual property has consistently proven about being over the top. Gritty battlefields, casualties and collateral damage spiraling into...
  • Capsized
    Capillary Action craft a brilliant orchestral frenzy with "Capsized."
    Capsized, the second album by Capillary Action, is dense. Very dense. Its music (which may categorize as a new genre—progressive big band) keeps the listener on his or her toes throughout thanks to a brilliant synthesis of beat poet vocals...
  • A very fitting cover
    Pensées Nocturnes' "Grotesque" brilliant, brutal and somewhat unlistenable.
    Usually when I review an album, I know if I like it or not. Grotesque, the sophomore release by Pensées Nocturnes, is perhaps the first case where I don’t. There are moments of wonderful orchestration, romantic interludes, odd sounds...
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