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  • Violife’s Slim Sonic Toothbrush
    Violife’s Slim Sonic Toothbrush
    Violife's Slim Sonic Toothbrush is one of my new favorite products. Its not a traditional product that I tend to promote, however it had to be noted that even tooth brushes can be fabulous. This toothbrush is small, and has pretty patterns on...
  • Oral health: Dangerous smoking side effects
    Oral health: Dangerous smoking side effects
    Smoking triggers your risk of fatal oral cancer and causes irreversible damage to your dental health. It restrains you from having a toothy smile!There has always been a lot of buzz regarding the repercussions of smoking on your overall health. It...
  • Pregnancy and gingivitis
    More reasons why it is important to have good oral hygiene during pregnancy.
    Good oral hygiene at home as well as regular dental hygiene appointments helpto control pregnancy-associated gingivitisPoor oral hygiene, plaque, and a change in your oral bacteria will increase the severity of pregnancy-associated gingivitis....
  • Oral diabetes treatment breakthrough closer
    Oral diabetes treatment breakthrough closer
    An oral treatment for metabolic syndrome and diabetes is a step closer after researchers published a paper in the Oct. 31 issue of Nature detailing a new candidate compound which approaches the disease from a different angle than traditional...
  • Oral Candidiasis
    If Grandma's teeth are being cared for you know she is in a good nursing home.
    Teeth seem to be the last thing care givers take care of with older residents in long term care facilities. No one seems to ask Grandma to look inside her mouth and care givers know this.Sometimes the problem is that care givers are overworked....
  • Nisin Tumor Retardation
    Common food preservative may offer hope of cure for head and neck cancers soon
    Nisin, a common food preservative, may slow or stop the growth of squamous cell head and neck cancers, according to world-first research by a University of Michigan study team. The results were published this month in the journal Cancer Medicine...
  • Claudia Reid Muscle Talk 101 gets the abs challenge
    How to have sexy abs in a New York minute, Great sex and Sexy abs in New York
    I went to the Stop and Shop Supermarket today on 653 Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park, NYto gather my vegetables to make my broccoli and cauliflower pizza pie.I saw this muscle guy in produce showing his 6 pack to these ladies. I tried to get a...
  • Out of Sync Child
    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) - Suggestions
    There are many different ideas that help for SPD, below aresomesuggestions:Oral - If your child's SPD is more in the oral form, chewing gum can help assist that stimulation as well as it is great on focusing as well (ADHD), a great "life...
  • ice_cream.jpg
    What your fave flavor of ice cream reveals about your sexual desires
    Strawberry ice-creamlovers are wildly romantic- Flickr/by harukajuA simple comment yesterday led to a great discussion about sex. I said "if sex was ice-cream, the flavor would be...". The answers that flew at me were fast and fanciful....
  • Elitist Democrats
    When Cultures Collide by Kerry Patton
    These are confusing and depressing times for the American people. The United States is in the midst of an economic crisis and fighting a three front war (Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa). Simply put, it is evident that we are just tired....
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