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  • Doctors mistakenly gave man a vasectomy instead of the intended surgery
    Doctors mistakenly gave man a vasectomy instead of the intended surgery
    According to the Huffington Post on Tuesday, a British man who was scheduled to have surgery might not be able to have children after doctors operated on the wrong body part. The unidentified man was given an accidental vasectomy when he went to...
  • Subway Hours
    Subway Hours of Operation
    The Subway hours of operation, or when does subway open and when does Subway close will vary from location to location but it can be predicted. Subway hours are determined by how many customers they can serve at different times of the day. There...
  • The clownish aftermath of the Petraeus affair
    The clownish aftermath of the Petraeus affair
    Can anyone seriously dispute that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware as early as last August that former CIA Director David Petraeus was being investigated by the FBI? An investigation that would uncover his affair with his biographer?Once...
  • Police car
    Major child porn bust in western Canada
    Global News reports that police forces in western Canada have made a major child porn bust, following a joint operation which began in June of 2012.‘Operation Snapshot’ was supposed to identify high-risk offenders in the possession of...
  • Child Sex Sting
    Child Sex Sting
    Not my idea of “Spring Cleaning”, but it is to Osceola County, Florida! Undercover Sheriff’s Detectives from Osceola County, as well as other agencies, came together for Operation “Spring Cleaning”, an effort to get...
  •  Cross Check: 2,901 convicted criminal aliens &  fugitives arrested throughout U.S. (video)
    2,901 convicted criminal aliens & fugitives arrested throughout U.S. (video)
    As part of the Obama administration's ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens and egregious immigration law violators, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) yesterday announced the results of a seven-day...
  • Operation Liberation
    Operation Liberation
    Today, we're talking about kids; so imagine Anonymous as a highschool in which students wear masks. Like-minded people find like-minded places, so cliques form as usual. Today's popular clique is Operation: Liberation, a group for abused...
  • Anonymous targets Ben Bernanke
    Empire State Rebellion: Anonymous vs. the Fed
    Anonymous, the hacker collective of fame and infamyaround the world, has declared its newest operation: Empire State Rebellion. Empire State Rebellion is a call to arms for everyone, not just anonymous, to publicly rally against the Federal...
    Sheriff Arpaio using the sky posse to catch illegals
    Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011American Citizens who want to help Sheriff Joe Arpio catch illegal people in our state have come out to support him with their aircraft. "Operation Desert Sky." will be utilized for the next several weeks. Stellar...
  • Resident Evil
    More resident evil than you can shake a stick at
    Do you like Resident Evil? Then you are in luck; lots of it, actually.Capcom's Resident Evil is going to see plenty of light in many appearances. Last week, I wrote about Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X coming to Xbox Live...
  • Aretha Franklin
    Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - photo gallery
    It has been reported by all the news agencies that singer Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has pancreatic cancer.She was hospitalized and operated on in October.The family did not release the purpose of the operation to the public.The only...
  • Weapons store in Swat area of Pakistan, controlled by Taliban forces
    Is there evidence of the US actually supplying the enemy?
    There are rumors on the winds in Afghanistan that funding for the Taliban is funneled from the US government At this point, just a rumor. are a...
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