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  • Canadian Rivals
    Over half of Canadian based teams poised to miss 2014 playoffs
    It may beway too early to suggest the season may already beover for several Canadian teams but I'm going to anyway. Thestats paint a pretty clear picture even at this relatively early point in the season.Recent history shows that teams five...
  • Old School
    L.A. Kings to Headline New Online show
    As the Kings return home to face the red-hot Edmonton Oilers at Staples Center tonight at 7:30 pm PT, it will not only mark the return of Ryan Smyth, but also the inaugural broadcast of "From the Arena".A production of INSIDE SPORTS, ...
  • Hemske
    Oilers at mid-season: Forward’s assists and shots per goal
    Heads up: Top line is the league leader, median is the productivity of the 263rd forward of the 526 that have played as of January 18th. Assists per 60Henrik Sedin 46 3.19Ales Hemske 20 2.04Sam Gagner 17 1.26Dustin Penner 15 1.09Jordan...
  • Front of the net
    Oilers at mid-season: Defense
    Ah yes, the much maligned, and justifiably so, blueline.Called “A travesty to the posterity of the game” after the first quarter, they have improved in terms of presence and clearing the zone, but remain weak, ineffective and slow.And...
  • Are we improvingw?
    Last in the conference, 13 points away from a playoff spot, a couple of games under .500.Ladies and gentlemen, your Edmonton Oilers.Still, anecdotally, subjectively, there lives an impression that we are getting it together, energizing glass-is...
  • Rexall Sun
    Northlands goes to city hall
    In an amphitheater halfway up city hall’s pyramid, democracy by proxy is practiced.The north side of the theater is a tiered semi-circle for the public, press, invited guests and speakers. The seats are comfortable, but not extravagant, the...
  • Hall celebrates
    The week in review: Be afraid NHL, be very, very afraid
    The Edmonton Oilers flicked a switch on or about November 24th.Before: blow-out losses, benchings and line-up changes, questions about effort and leadership.In the seven games after: a record of 5-1-1, hustle has kicked it up a notch, spacing and...
  • Report card time
    Oilers' Q1 report card
    At the quarter point of the season, the Oil are 6-11-4; their hallmark is not a close loss or the odd win, but blow-out after blow-out, at home and the road.The big money goalie is injured, again, the rookies are playing like rookies and the...
  • Taylor Hall
    The week in review: the road is perdition
    It started out well. But vanquishing the reigning champions (2-1 away) led only to mushroom clouds in Carolina (7-1 away) and Detroit (6-2 away).Yet, there was hope. After two in New Jersey, the fourth game of the rodeo enforced road trip, we were...
  • Through thick and thin
    The week in review: losses mount, kool-aid suffers recall
    We are reminded, once again, that the foundation of expectation is hope.And hope has taken something of a hit over the last week.We ran the streak to five in a row with losses to the Sharks (6-1 at home) and the Flames (5-4, shootout, away). We...
  • Jones
    The week in review: party like it’s 1979
    “I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray”Prince, 1999It was looking rather bleak in river city, after losing road games 4-2 to the Wild and 5-3 to the Flames.Action, unquestionably, needed to be taken.According...
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