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  • Convoy into Iraq
    Iraq: 10 years later
    February 21st: My parents were visiting my sister in California, and my brother and I were at home in Chicago. After returning from a trip to Best Buy that afternoon, we found there was a message on the answering machine from my platoon sergeant...
  • Kelby and Joe in Baghdad
    The short life of Kelby, Iraq War veteran, friend and best dog in the world
    I buried my best friend yesterday.She was an Iraqi War veteran, explorer, protector and my best buddy.I'm guessing Kelebi (her name means "my dog" in Arabic) was born in Baghdad, Iraq in May 2003. I found her during a reconnaissance...
  • Taliban target Prince Harry in attack: U.S. Marines killed
    Taliban target Prince Harry in attack: U.S. Marines killed
    As tensions continue to flare in numerous parts of the Middle East, Afghanistan was comparatively considered "uneventful" over the past few days. That notion was quickly proven to be inaccurate Friday, when a Taliban attack on Camp...
  • WWP Provides Grants
    Wounded Warrior Project accepting grant applications 15 June 2012
    From the Wounded Warrior Project:The WWP (Wounded Warrior Project™) offers grants to 501(c)(3) organizations who enhance the life and future of returning veteran Warfighters. To increase WWPs support of Wounded Warriors they developed a...
  • MAJ (ret) Chris Ballard
    Seeing two sides of the Wounded Warrior
    Each Memorial Day raises our nation’s consciousness of its military, especially those who have given all for its freedom. Included in this heightened visibility are those who have placed themselves in harm’s way and have now moved on,...