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  • The Altar is Ready, But Where's the Sacrifice?
    The Altar is Ready, But Where's the Sacrifice?
    We are now in the twenty-first century. CHRIST has already come into the earth realm in the flesh, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, and HE now sits at the right hand of GOD. So, it goes without saying that CHRIST was the last blood...
  • Sacrifice of Praise
    “We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise”
    Hebrews reads to a people who have taken their eyes off of the prize. As Peter, they stepped out of the boat in faith, began walking toward Jesus, but noticed the waves of persecution and the strong winds of culture, and these Christians began to...
  • National Coffee Day: Find freebies and discounts top coffee chains are offering
    National Coffee Day: Find coffee freebies and discounts top chains are offering
    National Coffee Day is Sunday, Sept. 29. Perhaps it's only appropriate that it falls on the day after National Drink Beer Day, or maybe it was planned that way! National Coffee Day is spurring many top retailers and smaller purveyors of the...
  • Burnt Offering
    The Burnt Offering
    Yahweh brought the children of Israel out of Egypt for a special purpose. They were to be His special people—a peculiar treasure, a holy nation, those who walked before Him in devotion and love (Deut. 14:2; Ex. 19:5-6). Being God’s...
  • How to use your basket of fruit
    How to offer your basket of fruit
    Many Christians who attend church and are faithful in their service to the Lord feel that they have nothing to offer except money. But what of the spiritual fruit and graces that God has given us? For example, a news item in the Harrisburg area...
  • R U kidding me
    Are you kidding me?
    There is a mission field all around us.Some people just don’t get it.Get what?The spirit of giving.Giving should come from the heart. It is a lifelong companion of giving thanks to God for all that he has given us. It is that chance to let...
  • Robbing God
    Robbing God
    Malachi is short book written in the fifth century BC. It is presented in something of a Q & A format. It is a book that tasks the reader to look beyond the veneer of human life to what the writer of Hebrews would call the thoughts and...
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