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  • Honda CR-V
    O'donnell honda
    I recently went on another hunt with someone for a new Honda. At first we were not sure what kind of Honda to buy, so we made a trip to the 2012 Motor Trend car show In Baltimore, it shows up every year in February. After going to the car show, we...
  • Ohio State Seal
    Joe Biden encourages the Ohio Democrats
    Joe Biden visited Ohio on Sunday to energize the Democratic faithful and encourage them to vote on Tuesday. Biden joined Obama in the Buckeye State and spoke together in Cleveland. Biden continued on to Toledo for another.Biden will also visit...
  • Democrats are Gunning for Paladino & O'Donnell
    Paladino & O'Donnell: Democrats gunning for Tea Party candidates (video)
    "Carl Paladino? Oh man, the left is gunning for this guy!" was the exclamation this morning on Fox News against a telling background of the latest poll results of the grassroots movement of the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates,...
  • resized_codonnallmarkwilson.jpg
    Transcript & video: Christine O'Donnell ad 'I am not a witch' plops her from cauldron to skillet
    "Colder than a witch's teat" is the chance Democrats and even establishment Republicans give Christine O'Donnell (R), Delaware senatorial candidate, to triumph against her rival, Chris Coons (D). Those dismal odds are influenced...
  • True Conservative vs. Republicrat
    The Delaware defeat of Republicrat Castle
    The Liberals who infest the Media, along with the Democrats, who appear to be sweating bullets here at election time, have managed to achieve some form of "weak hope" as a result of a perceived schism within the Republican and...
  • resized_christine_screenprint.JPG
    Tea Party & Rep.John Cornyn: GOP NSRC will back Christine O'Donnell (Sarah Palin radio ad)
    DALLAS _ Under tremendous pressure from the Tea Party movement, John Cornyn announced this morning that the National Senate Republic Committee would support Tea Party winning candidate, Christine O'Donnell. That nod of support is a complete...
  • resized_Christine_O_Donnell.JPG
    Testing Tea Party Power: Christine O'Donnell vs Mike Castle (video)
    A recent CBS video, shown below with transcribed excerpts" has raised questions about how the Tea Party is upsetting state elections pitting underdog tea party candidates against establishment Republicans. Many establishment Republicans fear...
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