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  • End of the world horn
    Norse horn signals old gods to begin dying off February 22, 2014
    Ancient Legend states that the Norse God, Heimdallr, would blow the mythical Gjallerhorn to summon the sons of Odin for the final battle. They would lose that battle and 100 days from its beginning, Odin would die, signaling the beginning of...
  • The Odin Shop Installation at Target
    Target Debuts its Odin Shop
    Target debuted another Manhattan based "Shops" collaboration this week when it opened its Odin for Target display at stores nationwide. Odin is a men's fashion lifestyle store based in Soho (with store additions in the East and West...
  • The Shops at Target: September 9 - October 20
    The Shops at Target Fall Line: September 9 - October 20
    Mark your calendars! The Shops at Target will feature four new collections for fall starting September 9 ending October 20 while supplies last. New York's Kirna Zabete and Odin, San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe and Boston’s...
  • An Ode to Odin, the shelter's longest resident dog
    An ode to Odin, the shelter's longest resident dog
    UPDATE 9/25/11: Odin is now safe in foster care but still available for adoption! Thanks to all who shared his story, and keep sharing until he finds a forever home!As many of you have probably seen, there's a desperate plea for rescuers,...
  • By Odin's Beard! New god revealed for Smite
    By Odin's Beard! New god revealed for Smite
    Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios has revealed another one of the playable gods in Smite and his reveal goes along perfectly with the recent release of the Thor movie.The Asgardian Allfather, Odin, will be one of the playable gods in the Smite, a...