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  • Generation mammoth, obsessed bodybuilders injecting Synthol
    Generation mammoth, obsessed bodybuilders injecting Synthol
    Synthol was designed in the 90’s by the German body builder Christopher T. Clark for a replacement for Esiclene. Synthol is made up of 85%-medium-chain triglycerides, 7.5% lidocaine (pain killer, because you are going to be in pain) and 7.5%...
  • Taylor Swift almost had an encounter with a fan who swam up to her house
    Obsessed Taylor Swift fan arrested after swimming to see her
    A fan of Taylor Swift is so fixated on the singer that he chose to swim approximately two miles in an attempt to meet her. TMZ reported on May 15 that police saw a man exiting the water around 2:20 a.m. and when asked what he was doing, he...
  • "Obsessed" true story inspired by erotomania court case
    'Obsessed' true story based on Diane Schaefer-Dr. Murray Brennan
    The Lifetime movie "Obsessed" is a true story based on the erotomania case involving Diane Schaefer and Dr. Murray Brennen. The movie originally premiered in 2002.The real case happened in New York in the 1980s when Diane Schaefer, 41,...
  • gaga
    Lady Gaga obsessed with Michael Jackson fetish
    There's a thin line between fashion icon and fashion victim. Lady Gaga walks that line like a tight rope artist. Gaga, known for her outlandish, avant-garde fashion sensibilities has taken a turn that can only be described as bizarre, even by...
  • Anime Obsession
    Are you obsessed with anime?
    How much anime do you watchin aday? An hour, two hours, ten? Since many popular series have more than 20 (and maybe even more than 100) episodes, it can be easy to spend entire weeks doing nothing else in your spare time. Most of us don't get...
  • chloe_(275_x_230).jpg
    'Chloe' drops jaws... and not in a good way
    SONY PICTURES CLASSICS Filmmaker Atom Egoyan would like moviegoers to believe his new flick "Chloe" is in the same category as the erotic thriller "Fatal Attraction." However, it is actually just the latest entry in a long line...
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