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  • People watchers must be careful how they watch people
    People watchers must be careful how they watch people
    This article discusses what people watching is all about, why people engage in it, and why it must be done skillfully, especially in our era of decreasing privacy.People watching can be an enjoyable hobby that will help watchers to learn more...
  • Process observation as strategy
    Process observation as strategy
    When a client contracts with me to "fix" perceived dysfunctions within teams, the first strategy I consider, before making an intervention, is assessing departmental team dynamics through process observations.While observing, I suspend...
  • The Geometry of A Baltimore Building
    Communicating and Promoting Interest and Awareness in Science and Math
    The U.S. is both the most advanced and the most backward when it comes to math and science. We talk a lot about STEM (Science Math Engineering and Technology) education, and throw lots of money at solving the “problem,” yet U.S....
  • Telling it like it is
    Telling it like it is
    Microsoft has monopolized the world of spreadsheets, word processors and power point for years now, however that has changed drastically within recent times. With the advent of Libre and open office the times have since changed, where users can...
  • Bee on thistle flower
    On being an observationalist
    First there was “The Mentalist,” the hit CBS series that focuses on Patrick Jane’s (played by Simon Baker) ability to use his mind to find clues, piece them together and, in the process, mess with the minds of others.Now comes ...
  • Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
    Fall like day today, great weekend on tap
    Low pressure will move off the North Carolina coast later today and tonight. A stronger area of low pressure will track from the Eastern great lakes to New England on Thursday...and will push a cold front South through the Mid Atlantic states by...
  • Moon
    Moon observing events being held around the globe
    Moon observing events, get-togethers, and partieswill be held across the world this Saturday September 18thto commemorateInternational Observe the Moon Night. InOMN, as it is abbreviated, was inspired simply by people who are interested in Earth&...
  • California Pacific Airlines plans to initially fly to regional destinations from Carlsbad.
    New airline plans to operate regional hub at Carlsbad
    California Pacific Airlines has announced plans to operate regional jet equipment to several regional destinations from Carlsbad, California. McClellan-Palomar Airport, the airline says, is more convenient to North San Diego County corporate...
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