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  • Symbolic Presidents
    The silly, symbolic obligations of the president
    One of my greatest failings as President of the United States (POTUS), would be fulfilling the symbolic obligations that have come to be the standard measurement we use to judge the men that have occupied the office since it was determined that...
  • Detroit files for bankruptcy
    Detroit files for bankruptcy
    Good news is just so hard to find these days for any low-income community. Cities across the country are tightening their belts in hopes of staving off more serious measures. It looks like it is too late for one major city, Detroit.Plagued with...
  • Caregivers
    Who is the Largest Group of Caregivers?
    The largest percent of caregivers are women.The largest percent of people needing care will be women.Women in this generation are dying unnecessarily.Since 1985 more women than men have died from heart disease. That’s more than two decades...
  • Carefree
    What to Do When "I" is Missing from Your Life. Get SELFISH Now!
    LIFE is for living! Let's face it, day-to-day tasks and obligations can become mounting chores if we don't 'stop and smell the roses' from time to time.Can you recall being a kid when every day was a new beginning of exploration?...
  • Freedom: Spiritual and political perspectives
    Freedom: Spiritual and political perspectives
    Freedom is a concept that everyone is concerned about. Everyone wants to make their own decisions and everyone wants to exercise their rights. That’s all well and good when done wisely. Most of us, however, forget that there is a flip side...
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