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  • The Homeless Man
    The Homeless Man
    Isaiah 61:1-2, (AMP)“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to...
  • Notice
    Perspective 2
    Part 2Some people frown upon those who leave a job without proper notice, and they view changing jobs quite frequently, to be a sign of instability. It's become a custom, and is a good business practice to give proper notice.Many employers are...
  • For the special preview event, we were asked not to take photos of the show. This is preshow.
    An ABRIDGED first look at the World of Color with viewing tips and no spoilers!
    [Read the full review.] The new World of Color water and light show at Disney California Adventure is the long awaited and widely hyped production celebrating all things Disney. The experience begins with a preshow helping guests find their...
  • For the special preview event, we were asked not to take photos of the show. This is post show.
    A first look at the World of Color with viewing tips and no spoilers!
    [You can read the abridged version of this article here.] The World of Color takes it's name from Walt Disney's weekly television program the, Wonderful World of Color, celebrating all things Disney in vivid and new color broadcasting. The...
  • Summer nights at the Disneyland Resort see two fantastic and colorful shows.
    Summer nights have returned to Disneyland!
    Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer season at Disneyland. The summer season instantly means longer and hotter days, which means more misters and water squirters returning to the Pixar Play Parade. Also returning to the Pixar Play...
  • The opening to the brand new, Gepetto's Candy Shoppe in Fantasyland.
    Disneyland's newest additions are two new stores.
    After all the buzz and anticipation for the many changes and additions coming to California Adventure, the gleam of Disneyland was starting to look alittle lackluster. The biggest news for the longest time was that water had been put back into the...
  • Disneyland now has a talking Mickey Mouse, that may come and go at any time, and is only one area.
    Mickey talks it up at Disneyland. The rebuttle.
    Now, if you are more concerned on the grand scope of things, then contemplate over how memorable and exciting every other meet and greet was to the families that spoke with Mickey. If a little girl's favorite character is Mickey, she may have...
  • Disneyland now has a talking Mickey Mouse!
    Mickey talks it up at Disneyland. Straight from the Mouse's mouth!
    After years of simply smiling for the camera, Mickey Mouse decided it would be a nice change of pace to strike up conversation. Earlier this week, in the comfort of his own home, Mickey spoke to guests during a meet and greet for the first time....
  • boordy(4).jpg
    Let your Mom be "Queen for a day" at Boordy Vineyards!
    On both May 8th and 9th you can take your Mother out to picnic at the beautiful grounds of Boordy Vineyards. Live music by Ellis Woodward and foods available for purchase by Carl’s Catering with Wine tasting & Winery Tours! This Weekend...
  • oysters.JPG
    Woodberry Kitchen hosts Chesapeake Oyster Festival
    (Picture provided by Woodberry Kitchen)On May 2, 2010, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Woodberry Kitchen we will be having their Chesapeake Oyster Festival out in front of the restaurant.Pricing has not yet been determined, but it was quite an affordable...
  • Tron fans may expect a Tron Peoplemover at Disneyland, but not much else.
    Tron at Disneyland is only a virtual reality.
    After the anticipated release of the Tron: Legacy trailer, and the resulting approval, TRON is Disney's newest buzz word. The 3D trailer immersed unsuspecting theater-goers in the virtual world of Tron, and like Flynn, overwhelmed them in...
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