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  • Nothing beats handmade noodles and the anticipation before it
    FFY Noodle House: Handmade noodles and dumplings
    There is a time and place for everything.The time was today.The place was FFY Noodle House.DecoInside this glass menagerie of handmade noodles lie a clean looking restaurant with all the designs and trappings of a pricy meal. Bold colors liven up...
  • Spicy Guilin noodle soup at Qin West
    Amazing regional Chinese noodle shop opens in West L.A. hole-in-the-wall
    Featured on the back of Qin West’s menu you’ll find some of the best wonton soup in West L.A. But the steamy bowl, heaped with a dozen or so silken-skinned meaty orbs, may be the only familiar noodle dish among a regional lineup that...
  • Have sausage for dinner
    Have sausage for dinner
    Do you usually serve sausage only at breakfast? This is what most people do and it certainly goes well with the typical breakfast fare. However, we do use sausage sometimes on pizza as a topping. But sausage can be used in numerous ways outside of...
  • Noodles in a Puddle
    Noodles make oodles of puddles artistic
    In Chicago on March 9, 2015, it was warm. It was warm enough to eat noodles outdoor. It was warm enough to eat noodles while viewing oodles of puddles.Melting of snow that Chicago accumulated during February began to melt rapidly on March 8. This...
  • And the nominee for Valentine's Day dinner is
    And the nominee for Valentine's Day dinner is
    ...comfort food, of course! In my impression of Valentine's Day festivities, the emphasis seems to be on sweets. If you make a homey, warming dinner you can do special things for dessert. Light is the word, or your evening may end sooner than...
  • KOA Restaurant
    Iron Chef Yuji Wakiya opens KOA in Flatiron
    Iron Chef Yuji Wakiya has quietly come back to New York City. The 'Master of neo-Chinese cuisine' is at the helm of KOA, a new Flatiron restaurant run by Keiko Ono Aoki, widow of Rocky Aoki.Wakiya famously opened his eponymous restaurant...
  • Tuna and noodles, a classic standard
    Tuna and noodles, a classic standard
    There are many recipes that have stood the test of time. Some of those are the "classic standards", including meatloaf, fried chicken, pot roast and pork chops. There are scores of recipes for these favorites and they remain favorites up...
  • Chiang Mai Khai Soi Noodles
    Discovering Chiang Mai's famous Khao Soi
    Chiang Mai Curry Noodles, also known as Khao Soi, is a popular lunch meal found mainly in northern Thailand. This spicy noodle soup usually consists of a bowl of egg noodles and a chicken leg covered in a soupy mild coconut curry, topped with...
  • Kevin Reddy no tip
    Kevin Reddy no tip: Skip the tip, says 'Noodles' restaurant CEO Kevin Reddy
    Kevin Reddy's "no tip" advice is raising a few eyebrows in the competitive world of sit-down dining. “Noodles & Company”– a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in international and American noodle dishes ...
  • Restaurant CEO skip the tip
    Restaurant CEO: Skip the tip says 'Noodles' CEO
    A restaurant CEO says skip the tip when dining at one of his eateries, Noodles & Co. On March 19, CNBC reported that there is a "no tipping" policy at the 380 Noodles locations in the U.S. He feels that it's more important for...
  • Invite sausage to dinner in a main dish
    Invite sausage to dinner in a main dish
    Normally, sausage is a meat that we tend to have only at breakfast. It's uses are multi-folded! We enjoy it as an accompaniment to eggs and toast, pancakes and waffles, as well as the center of a hot buttermilk biscuit. Over time, this...
  • Eight weird ways to enjoy ramen
    Eight weird ways to enjoy ramen
    Tired of the same old ramen that you always buy at the store? Why not try these awesome ideas that some of the biggest ramen fanatics came up with?Proceed with caution because some of them may be too overwhelming for some.
  • Soup for you!
    Roaming for ramen? Try Snappy in Somerville
    For a nice bowl of comfort that's miles above those 25-cent ramen packs, Boston is growing a nice supply of ramen shops. Many restaurants serve it only for lunch, for a couple of hours a night, or on special occasions. I don’t have...
  • Sang Kee soups up culinary infusion
    Sang Kee soups up culinary infusion
    With all the media hype surrounding the weekend’s biggest event, the Super Bowl, it seemed only fitting to discover what soups Philadelphia has to offer. Being a major East Coast city, it would be too arduous of a task to pop in each venue...
  • Pass on the potatoes: Serve a lighter side dish with dinner
    Pass on the potatoes: Serve a lighter side dish with dinner
    Hearty, comforting meals can sometimes be heavy. Adding a side dish that is equally dense can weigh you down.Serving up a lighter side dish with dinner that will provide the starch and carbohydrates you’re looking for without a heavy feeling...
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