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  • Governor Chris Christie
    After Much Speculation Governor Christie Formally Announces Candidacy
    Today Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2016 race for the White House. As if it wasn’t crowded enough, Christie will be the fourteenth candidate on...
  • the broken image
    The relevant libertarian
    In 1988 Dr. Ron Paul ran for President as the nominee from the Libertarian Party, he garnered .47% of the vote, and virtually no one was listening. He tallied only slightly better as a candidate for the Republican nomination in 2008, but he was...
  • The Life of Pi
    Review: 'The Life of Pi' (Photos)
    “The Life of Pi” is adapted from the acclaimed novel of the same name by author Yann Martel. The book is a spiritual adventure that supposedly proves the existence of god, and was thought to be “unfilmable”. Even with such...
  • Amour
    Review: 'Amour' (Photos)
    Michael Haneke’s “Amour” opens with firemen smashing their way into an apartment. From their reactions and the evidence that’s shown to us, it’s clear that someone has died. The rest of the movie is essentially an...
  • justin bieber
    Justin Bieber: Dethroned from top spots as he fails to earn Grammy nomination
    Justin Bieber, one of the most commercially successful recording artists today, fell short when the 2013 Grammy award nominations were revealed Wednesday. That led to a viral Twitter rant from the 19 year-old singer’s manager Scooter Braun....
  • Ed Sheeran
    Ed Sheeran dishes on Grammy nomination: ‘I'm so happy’
    Ed Sheeran became part of the American music scene months ago and the artist is already getting mad recognition for his talent. On Wednesday night the list of Grammy nominees were released and Ed Sheeran was named. With a big mention in the Song...
  • Paul Ryan
    Ryan gets classified intelligence briefings from U.S. government
    ABC News is reporting that GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has received classified intelligence briefings from the U.S. government. Ryan spokesperson Michael Steel confirmed the briefing took place (see article: Paul Ryan Receives First...
  • George Clooney has twitter all jazzed up about the Golden Globe Awards
    George Clooney has twitter all jazzed up about the Golden Globe Awards
    Thursday morning it was announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press, that George Clooney is up for the 69th annual Golden Globe awards. Twitter is going crazy with the news and who can blame the fans?. Clooney is very personable, from adopting...
  • Herman Cain
    Raising Cain in Arizona
    Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is coming under some heavy fire this morning. First, his co-contenders in the race for the presidential nominee are circling him like a pack of hyenas hot on the prey. Second, former Mexican President Vicente Fox...
  • 'Dogtooth'
    DVD to see: foreign language Oscar nom, 'Dogtooth'
    With the Oscars coming up very soon, this week's DVD to see is the challenging and uncomfortable Grecian import 'Dogtooth' (2009) nominated for best foreign language film.Three teenage siblings are growing up, coming of age and...
  • Nestor_Amarilla,_Nobel_Prize_nominee_(3).jpg
    Nestor Amarilla from Paraguay: Nominated for Nobel Prize for Literature
    Nestor Amarilla was born on the 24th of July 1980 to a farming family in the country town of Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. Since he was a little boy he has been very interested in the arts. Photo by Alma Quiñonez. 5. Were there any obstacles,...
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