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  • 21 Grams
    Now you can place your cremated remains into a designer sex toy
    If you thought your sex life was over when your actual life was over, think again. A new product will allow you to continue to engage in pleasing your partner, or anybody else for that matter, long after you have ceased having the blood flow...
  • Woman finds two-way mirror in bar bathroom
    Woman finds two-way mirror in bar bathroom
    A woman became not only curious but suspicious about a full length mirror hanging exactly opposite the toilet she was sitting on in a bar bathroom, and decided to investigate and share her findings on video.Tamale Rocks, a comedian that jokingly...
  • Cop Woman hot car
    Cop: Woman put in hot car to see how her dog felt, cop's punishment goes viral
    A woman made to sit in a hot car by an Ohio police officer was on the blunt end of this cop's personal lesson in animal cruelty. They say the punishment should fit the crime, and for one daft woman, she won’t soon forget what it’s...

Business & Finance

  • New Business Representative Consultants in India
    Few Consideration Before Starting New Business in India
    Starting a new business venture is a very appealing thought one can have! You can be your own boss instead of being a worker. Yet, being your own boss isn’t an easy task. In the beginning, one of the biggest challenge every owner facesis how...
  • Kickass Business Cruises
    5 Killer Marketing Tips from Successful Business Bloggers
    Every business needs a blog today. No matter what your industry, no matter what your products or services, a blog can help you to connect with existing and potential clients in a direct, informal way.Your blogs may be long and complex, or they may...
  • Steve Arveschoug
    Giving Credit to the Bakken
    Credit is a peculiar word. On one hand, the word portrays a positive position with an award-like context. On the other hand, the concept of credit looms over consumers and sums up our financial history with a simple number. This column will focus...
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