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  • Letter T
    Man files police complaint over letter 't' in 'white history month' sign
    On Wednesday, reported that Bhakti Curtis, a biracial New Jersey man, wasn't too happy with a sign posted by Jim Boggess, the proprietor of Jimbo's Deli in Flemington, New Jersey. Specifically, he didn't like the way the "t...
  • Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is talking about SAFE Act after 2 years
    Assemblyman Brindisi wants to repeal the Safe Act, but why should we care?
    Since the early days of 2013 there has been a persistent but quiet question circulating in the Democratic Party of New York, especially in the 22nd Congressional District. The question, which went unanswered for the 2014 election cycle, has...
  • Ben Carson
    Ben Carson: 'I'm not a politician'
    Just one day after announcing an exploratory committee to test the viability of a presidential run on Tuesday, Dr. Ben Carson stumbled out of the gate. Carson made an appearance on CNN on Wednesday morning and before the sun went down he was...

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  • School Team Spirit Items and Products
    The Best Idea to Celebrate School Sports Day
    School days are full of fun, entertainment, studies and lot more. But, if you will ask the students about the best time of the school year, most of them will say – school sports day. It is the time, when the students get united to cheer the...
  • Coming to you - fast
    “Just be yourself”
    Seems like Sage advice from many a well meaning friend. However, most do not know themselves. Let’s think about it, we are totally controlled by “external influences” until about the age of 4. Parents, grand-parents, older...
  • The Global Hamlet
    People's edition of Hamlet makes literature understandable to the masses
    Without doubt, Hamlet is one of the most iconic pieces of literature ever produced. Since the play was written by Shakespeare (between 1599 and 1602), it has been performed countless times on stages across the world, adapted for film and...