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  • Telecommunications team connects humanitarians in Nepal
    Internet experts continue to help Nepal food aid
    Last week at The Huffington Post I wrote about how the internet plays such a major role in feeding the hungry during emergencies. The technical experts of the World Food Programme in Nepal are a great example. They are the ones that restore...
  • Pappy.jpg
    Remembering Pappy Kahler On Traditional Memorial Day
    Harold Kahler was from Lincoln, Nebraska, and he was born on January 27, 1923. When I met "Pappy" in the spring of 1968 he was a forty-five year old Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and a career Air Force pilot.The Sea Survival course at...
  • People in Need after Nepal earthquake
    Food security deteriorating in Nepal quake areas
    The United Nations is reporting that hunger is quickly escalating in areas affected by Nepal's earthquakes. In a report released yesterday, the UN said in remote mountain areas 70 percent of families have "poor or borderline food...

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  • Why Florence is Worth Visiting
    Why Florence is Worth Visiting
    Why visit Florence? The city is filled with parks and gardens, flowers, and fragrances and an air of romance and love. It’s also your destination for mesmeric lakes, mountains, rivers, hills and the skyline. Besides natural wonders, Florence...
  • Beach Vacations
    Top travel destinations for women.
    Are you ready to get away and take the very needed break for reward for all your hard work? Well there is always a time to take a break and recharge your brilliant entrepreneurial spirit. Women are notorious for not remembering that it is OK for...
  • Houston Energy Conferences June 2015
    Houston Energy Conferences June 2015
    Here is the list of conferences occurring for the month of June onward to the end of the year. Conferences of particular interest will be the Process Development Symposium, Valve World, Texas A&M Turbo and Pump Conference, and the ASME...
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