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  • The Panel-
    World War I panel sees similarities to today's wars.
    Another panel discussion took place at Kirbys this Saturday. Since we only scrapped the tip of the Iceberg on World War I we decided that more can be said. Once again we had Paul Harvey Oswald, Casher O'Neal, Kenya Blue and me, Red Rob Blogger...
  • Gingrich not afraid to call out Obama on amnesty
    Newt Gingrich calls out Obama on unconstitutional amnesty plan
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has called out President Barack Obama over his unconstitutional executive action and amnesty policy. Gingrich stated that the plan is not merely a new government program. Rather, he correctly referred to it as a ...
  • Time to pull the plug
    When is it time to pull the plug on oil investment?
    The time is now.Capitalists who have deep investments in petroleum and fossil fuel reserves are conflicted with the national and global imperative to transform to renewable energy. States such as Alaska, and others that have fossil fuel reserves...

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  • Weekly market recap: Markets rally on PBOC and ECB
    Weekly market recap: Markets rally on PBOC and ECB
    For the week ending November 21, 2014, the major indices continued the rally fueled by China's PBOC, again making all-time highs, with the Dow closing near 17,810 and the S&P 500 near 2,064. In a surprise move, the PBOC dropped interest...
  • Leonard Lauder
    Brotherly Love: Spotlighting Collections and Causes of Leonard and Ronald Lauder
    Brotherly love never looked classier. Lauding the work of two Jewish brothers named Ronald and Leonard Lauder is simply a matter of extolling and witnessing their generosity first hand. Their mother was of course cosmetics entrepreneur Estee...
  • How you can benefit from forex market trading
    How you can benefit from forex market trading
    Forex market trading or simply Forex trading is primarily trading currencies of two or more countries against each other. For instance, the currency that is in circulation in Europe (with the exception of UK) is called the Euro (EUR) and the same...