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  • Members of Anonymous
    Interview with a member of Anonymous
    Examiner made contact with a member of the famous web collective, Anonymous. What she had to say about her ideas on changing the world are both new and interesting. Whether or not these ideas ever come to pass or hold value is up to the people of...
  • U.S. Army War College
    Pakistani ISI chief visits U.S. Army War College despite ISI killing Americans
    Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Director General Rizwan Akhtar visited the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA on Monday, and despite past American officials acknowledging that the ISI helps kill American troops there is no indication that...
  • Homan Square police facility
    Secret police torture prison exposed in Chicago
    In what can easily be the most major scandal in recent American history, short of the Snowden Leaks, a secret torture and interrogation facility was exposed in Homan Square, West Side of Chicago. At least six victims came forward and told The...


  • Iranian missile
    Possible Middle East nuclear arms race looming on the horizon
    According to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Republican Party, the possible Obama nuclear deal with Iran is a disaster in the making. According to Barack Obama and the Democrats, the possible accord with the Islamic Republic is the best hope of keeping...
  • Netanyahu's address to Congress was a sucess
    Netanyahu's success Congress address argues against bad Iran deal, Obama scoffs
    According to the audience in the House of Representatives' chamber on Capital, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's third Address to a Joint Session of Congress was a roaring success bound to put pressure on President Barack Obama&...
  • Clinton
    Democrats: The new Androgynous Party
    That's a proposed new name for the Democrat Party. Actually, it would be more accurate to call it the Feminine Androgynous Party. It has become feminine, but actually sort of a genderless feminine, in order to be more politically correct. This...

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Business & Finance

  • Job fairs coming to San Antonio in March
    Job fairs coming to San Antonio in March
    Spring time in South Texas signals a new phase in the seasons. We think of the greening landscape starting to bloom, of doing some spring-cleaning and planting new flowers. And we can also start new goals for the year with a fresh look at job...
  • Business Intelligence Best Practices
    Business Intelligence Best Practices
    Implementing a business intelligence solution to your organization is an important and empowering step; however, its success depends on several practices. Use the following best practices to ensure a successful transition.Coordinate your BI...
  • 4 tips to 10X your sales career from Grant Cardone
    How to succeed in sales: 4 tips from Grant Cardone to 10X your sales career
    Grant Cardone is keeping it simple and keeping it real. Many people tend to confuse simple with easy. The act of running a marathon is quite simple. Put one foot in front of the other and do it faster than if you were walking and repeat that for...