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  • Marine, bride pray holding hands around corner before wedding
    Marine, bride pray holding hands around corner before wedding
    A Marine and bride pray before their wedding ceremony in a touching gesture towards God. Today reports May 25 that the couple wanted God in their wedding, so they agreed to pray before the wedding began -- able to do so without seeing one another...
  • Ray Mancini belittled Floyd Mayweather's pay per view appeal
    Ray Mancini belittled Floyd Mayweather's pay per view appeal
    You guys have witnessed the super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The verdict has already been given by the three judges who were at the ring side to witness the two great fighters’ execution in the boxing ring.And the...
  • man missing 23 years found
    Man missing 23 years found dead in submerged 1981 Chevy
    A man missing 23 years was found dead in his submerged 1981 Chevrolet Citation earlier this week.Fremont O'Berg was 57 when he disappeared; he made his home in rural Paola, Kansas near Hillsdale Lake. Reported Yahoo! News on May 26, 2015,...


  • Bernie Sanders
    Socialist Bernie Sanders condemns 23 brands of deodorant as children go hungry
    In an interview posted Tuesday at the New York Times, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist now running against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary, decried the existence of multiple brands of deodorant spray. Sanders'...
  • InnovationCreationSeries.jpg
    The VA Issues a Challenge to Engineers and Designers
    The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched the Innovation Creation Series for Prosthetics and Assistive Technology Challenge.It’s a challenge to mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and other designers to contribute initial...
  • Marco Rubio
    Marco Rubio: Gay marriage would destroy Christianity
    The 2016 presidential election is less than two years away and the Republican field is packed. In an attempt to cater to social conservatives, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is attempting to score points with the religious right.Though the majority of...

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Business & Finance

  • Pacific Heights
    Median sales prices for San Francisco luxury homes
    Pacific & Presidio Heights neighborhoods remain the City's most expensive. These are the City's most prestigious neighborhood, but also where you can find the really big houses and mansions, like 2610 Scott and 24 Presidio Terrace.Many...
  • Exonumia Louis XIV
    France’s comic Moliere achieved prominence through Pistole gold coins
    Moliere France’s greatest playwright comic embraced Pistole 1760’s Spanish gold coins sometimes called a doubloon so that his writings were considered a valuable representation of society.A modern Moliere would write about gold coins...
  • Long Island Recovery
    Long Island Recovery
    Long Island Recovery is a program that will help save our youths from the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction. The cases of drug-related deaths are rising every year, and the youths in our community are in serious need of help. The amount of...
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