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  • Teamwork: Who is the accountant on your business team?
    Teamwork: Who is the accountant on your business team?
    For the participants in Calling All Female Entrepreneurs, we ask them before the class to repeat this mantra "I can not do this by myself!" Repeat "I can't do this by myself". We teach the Robert Kiyosaki, cash flow...
  •  Actress Zelda Williams settles it in Smash playing Super Smash Bros for Wii Uin Los Angeles, California.
    Nintendo is hitting the market with Amiibo toys
    Nintendo is seizing the opportunity to move into the new billion dollar "toys to life" genre with Amiibo toys. TIME reported on Nov. 21, 2014 Nintendo is interested in cashing in on the toy industry’s new billion dollar craze. The...
  •  Operation: Holy Boot!
    Operation: Holy Boot!
    Infant, toddlers and kids’ clothes are becoming trendier nowadays. However, most of the clothing stores offer wide variations of clothes for girls only. Boys’ clothes tend to have limited designs leaving the parents with only few...