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  • La Feria Centennial Celebration
    Fiesta de La Feria 2015
    It's fiesta time once again in the Rio Grande Valley and the city of La Feria, Texas.This year, the city of La Feria, Texas is not only celebrating fiesta but also the Centennial Anniversary of the city’s beginning.As such, allot of...
  • The Democrats' anti-Netanyahu diatribe
    The Democrats' anti-Netanyahu diatribe
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress is the talk of DC, thanks mostly because Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a somber, hard-hitting speech:Congressional Republicans haven't had many...
  • Stan Evans CPAC 2013
    Conservative icon Stan Evans dies at 80; remembered as 'present at the creation'
    One of the founders of the modern conservative movement, M. Stanton Evans, died on March 3, 2015, at the age of 80.Evans, who lived in Leesburg, Virginia, modestly described himself as a “former newspaper man,” as he had been an...

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  • Business Intelligence Best Practices
    Business Intelligence Best Practices
    Implementing a business intelligence solution to your organization is an important and empowering step; however, its success depends on several practices. Use the following best practices to ensure a successful transition.Coordinate your BI...
  • 4 tips to 10X your sales career from Grant Cardone
    How to succeed in sales: 4 tips from Grant Cardone to 10X your sales career
    Grant Cardone is keeping it simple and keeping it real. Many people tend to confuse simple with easy. The act of running a marathon is quite simple. Put one foot in front of the other and do it faster than if you were walking and repeat that for...
  • Time to clear out the financial cobwebs
    Financial spring cleaning
    As March arrives and the days grow longer, Canadians seem to wake up from the cold, dark days of winter with a renewed energy that finds expression in a burst of spring cleaning. And while you’re getting your house in order, this is also a...