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  • Memphis police officer killed, manhunt is on for suspected shooter
    Memphis police officer killed, manhunt is on for suspected shooter
    A man who witnessed the August 1 shooting murder of 33-year-old Memphis Police Department Officer Sean Bolton has been questioned and released. Now the manhunt is on for the suspected shooter, 29-year-old Tremaine Wilbourn, according to ABC News...
  • Teams take part in a qualifying match at the 2015 Call of Duty European Championships in London
    A Pakistani teen made $200,000 in a month from gaming
    The Internet era and online gaming craze has created new opportunities for young people to get rich quickly. Bloomberg Business reported on July 30, 2015, a Pakistani teen has experienced a video game dream come true by getting rich quickly in e...
  • TV Presenters Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson
    Former 'Top Gear' hosts announce new car show with Amazon
    Fans of the world’s most popular automotive show will be happy to know, the “Top Gear” trio of James May, Richard Hammond and the always controversial Jeremy Clarkson, have reunited to host a new program. Clarkson announced the...


  • Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo
    Donald Trump promotes Sarah Palin as cabinet secretary
    Donald Trump, the businessman and media personality, continues to defy gravity by remaining at the top of the Republican polls, despite various missteps and revelations that would have sunk a lesser candidate. According to a Tuesday story in the...
  • Trump's biggest vulnerabilities
    Trump's biggest vulnerabilities
    One thing that Donald Trump says often is that politicians "[a]re all talk, no action. They debate all the time." If Scott Walker wanted to have a stand-out moment that everyone would remember, he’d make the point that, at this...
  • America's Great Shame
    Awakening of a dying culture
    Cultural diversity is being engineered by a central government that wants to supplant traditional America. Neighborhoods no longer reflect main street USA. Millions of migrants have resurfaced the face of cities bringing the essence of Third World...

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Business & Finance

  • Content Marketing for Local SEO
    Locally Relevant Content: Make it Publish Worthy!
    There are many different factors that affect your trust, authority, and visibility within the search engine results. Currently, the search engines are calling for new and unique content to help you rank higher. This is where you SEO strategy can...
  • Jeff DeGraff
    Before There Were TED Talks, There Were Chautauquas
    Before there were TED talks, there were Chautauquas. In the late-nineteenth century, Americans looking for cultural stimulation and intellectual inspiration gathered for weeklong retreats of lectures, performances, and conversations. These outdoor...
  • Keeping safe during summer travels
    Keeping safe during summer travels
    Your summer travel plans may be all set for that big adventure or just a short drive to the beach but take the time to do a security check before you leave. Home burglars are also looking for an advance while you are on vacation. Here are a few...
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