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  • Illuminated Motion
    Illuminated Motion
    It's time to make your wheels the center of attention. Illuminated Motion, LLC, has patented the "QUICK RELEASE ILLUMINATED HUB" known as the " IMs1" (Illuminated Motion Series One). Because of this invention, Illuminated...
  • Daniel Burrus
    Technology is Transforming What and How We Learn
    Education and learn concept: pixelated words knowledge is powerIn today’s world of technology driven transformational change, it’s important to understand that: “If you received a PhD ten years ago, it only means you used to know...
  • uptrend and downtrend in stock price
    Basic Day Trading Terms Every Day Trader Should Know
    When entering the world of day trading there are certain day trading terms you need to be aware of. Knowing these terms makes it much easier to do research, ask questions, and get help since most experienced traders use these terms without even...