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  • Sony Pictures hacked: Ransom note on all employee computers
    Sony Pictures goes dark after hacking attack
    On Nov. 24 Sony Pictures Entertainment received a ransom-note via their computer systems. Sent by #GOP (Guardians of Peace), the screen shot message appeared with a picture of a skeleton in the background and threatened to expose company secrets...
  • A Chinese couple smoke
    China is moving to crack down on smoking and cigarette advertising
    The tobacco industry is now being confronted with a challenge from a very large and powerful new adversary, China. This is a war which is likely to hurt profits for the merchants of death who sell cigarettes. 24/7 Wall St reported on Nov. 25, 2014...
  • Neighborhood appreciation
    Which neighborhoods have appreciated most?
    Paragon has released its San Francisco Neighborhood Appreciation Rates report, which raises the question of which neighborhoods have seen the most appreciation and why that is the case.Keep in mind that this analysis is based upon review of both...