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  • Sarah Palin at CPAC
    Sarah Palin hits it out of the park at CPAC and the media is irritated
    Some weeks after delivering what many pundits believe was a “disastrous” speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, former governor, former vice presidential candidate, and still the current most powerful female politician on the planet Sarah...
  • John Roberts
    Insurance Havoc
    The Supreme Court hears arguments next week in a case that could dismember Obamacare.If the high court rules in favor of the law’s challengers in King v. Burwell, more than eight million people in 34 states could lose coverage under the...
  • Even this liberal group thinks Obama's executive order was unlawful
    Even this liberal group thinks Obama's executive order was unlawful
    You know President Obama has gone over the line when even liberals are calling him out. The Isenberg Center for Immigration Empowerment (ICIE) in Dallas is a self-described liberal immigration group, but they have no problem calling out any...

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  • Cookie's Empire
    7 Bombastic ways to keep your inner-‘Cookie’ under wraps when building an Empire – Nearly 10 million viewers tuned in for the January 7 season premiere of FOX Television's newest prime-time guilty pleasure, Empire. The series, co-created by film director Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, exploits all the standard...
  • hoodie
    The Greatest Hoodie Ever
    The Greatest Hoodie EverThe Greatest Hoodie Ever is made up of 100% High Quality Cotton. This unisex hoodie is in a heavy 19oz pre-washed fleece, soft and supple with a 3 piece lined hood and heavy-duty rib with spandex to retain its form. It also...
  • Succession Planning
    How to move forward with family businesses succession planning
    amily and a family business, becomes very complicated when transitions have to take place. First, after establishing how the financial needs of the current generation are going to be met, current family business owners should discuss taxation...