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Top News

  • Scouts return $100K donation to anti-transgender 'charitable' donor
    Scouts return $100K donation to anti-transgender 'charitable' donor
    A Girl Scouts organization's return of a $100K donation recently was a big blow to the funds they raised in order to send 500 girls to summer camp. Less than a month after the Girl Scouts stood strong on their policy by allowing transgender...
  • No drone zone
    Drones may not fly in D.C., FAA warns
    With Independence Day approaching, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reminding residents and visitors in the Washington, D.C., region that the city and its surroundings are a “no drone zone.”“So if you’re in the...
  • Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing Maps service. The move is intended to reduce the company's reliance on Google and Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal on June 29, 2015, about 100 Microsoft employees will be...


  • Economy
    Obama says GOP has bad economic ideas
    What ideas? The present GOP leadership haven’t a clue about the economy. They are puppet representatives of the “haves” who are defending their turf without merit. The economic divide has increased with wealth and power...
  • fireworks
    4th of July: Patriotic Songs for Celebrating Independence Day
    July 4th, officially known as Independence Day, is a federal holiday in the United States which commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence occurred on July 4, 1776. It was at that...
  • Long shot Jim Webb announces he is running for president
    Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb joins Democratic presidential race
    Frontrunner Hillary Clinton has another candidate to compete with for the Democratic presidential nomination; former Virginia Senator Jim Webb joined the race. Webb made his candidacy official on Thursday, July 2, 2015 in an unstated way, unlike...

Strange News

  • Two-word obituary goes viral
    Two-word obituary goes viral: 85-year-old prankster pens world's shortest obit
    A two-word obituary, written by an 85-year-old prankster shortly before he died, is a touching – yet tiny – tribute to the man who enjoyed country music, cars and getting the last laugh. When North Dakota's Douglas Legler passed...
  • Sailing spiders shown to colonize new territory
    Sailing spiders shown to colonize new territory
    Arachnid specialists have observed spiders flying with balloons made of silk but the variability of this method of travel does not explain the diversity of spider populations across even a small territory. Morito Hayashi from the Natural History...
  • Two word obituary: 'Doug died' goes viral
    Two word obituary: 'Doug died' goes viral
    A two word obituary has gone viral. In a newspaper obit column filled with long and detailed death notices, one succinct gem stands out. "Doug died," the two word obit read. Thus the passing of a man from Fargo, North Dakota was noted in...

Business & Finance

  • A new journey for Jenner
    Powerful PR Lessons Learned From Caitlyn Jenner
    Simply Brilliant! I don't know if the Bruce-Caitlyn transition was a planned PR "campaign," but I think it has been genus. It is public relations at its best, and it is life at its best.Many of us in the PR business know that with...
  • Signs that you are truly an entrepreneur
    Five signs you're destined to be an entrepreneur even if you don't feel you are
    Are you meant to be an entrepreneur? Sometimes, even if you felt like you’ve given your best shot, you are still wondering if you’re destined to be where you are right now. It’s so easy to be confused, especially at times when...
  • Unemployment levels drop
    Mortgage Rates liftoff: Highest level in 2015
    Coming on the heels of the June jobs report which saw the unemployment rate drop to 5.3%, mortgage rates rose to their highest level of 2015, to 4.08%. Experts caution there is no need for panic as in the broader scheme of things the rate only...
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