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  • Canadians have freaky killers too
    Canada's "terrorist" just another radical nut case
    The incident in Ottawa last week may have seemed like a wake-up call for our Canadian friends, but actually it was just another freaky maniac who fancied himself as a terrorist. Another of the world's endless lost souls who ends of killing...
  • Sullivan hits Begich on Obama ties
    Sullivan hits Begich on Obama ties
    Saying that Dan Sullivan's latest ad criticizing Mark Begich will hurt Begich is understatement. Here's the transcript from Sullivan's ad:During this campaign, Mark Begich has attacked me for my work to protect women from domestic...
  • Big ugly pumpkin Haunted Park mIsison Beach 102414
    Night painted Halloween black at Haunted Park
    Mission Beach visitors stepped into the fools' Belmont Park Friday night ready to see lots of frowns, and hear the muffled screams. The Fall Festival and Haunt that pulled in visitors every weekend in October started at 5 pm the 24th.In...

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  • Weekly market recap: Market rollercoaster
    Weekly market recap: Market rollercoaster
    For the week ending October 24, 2014, the markets have been up 4 of the last 5 trading days, with the S&P 500 nearly wiping out losses incurred over the prior two weeks; it's been a rollercoaster ride this month. The economic news this...
  • Concerned citizens gather in DC today to end HIV
    Concerned citizens gathered in DC to stop HIV today
    Today concerned citizens regardless of sex, race, religion, or political affiliation joined together on Freedom Plaza in a united effort to wipe AIDS from the face of the earth. On a day made for brisk walking people from around the nation came to...
  • In the wake of U.S. bombing, Syria asks Russia to join their new Economic Zone
    In the wake of U.S. bombing, Syria asks Russia to join their new Economic Zone
    As the U.S. continues to fund Syrian rebels, and instigate bombing raids under the auspices of battling ISIS, on Oct. 24 the Syrian government reached over to their economic and military partner Russia to apply to join the new Eurasian Economic...