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  • Louisville Slugger
    Attempted Murder In The Foothills
    The Calaveras County Sheriff released information on an apparent attempt at homicide in Valley Springs today, March 31, 2015. The actual attack took place on March 29 on Paloma Rd. in Valley Springs. The Sheriff's Department reports deputies...
  • chocolate
    Grandmother poisons entire family with 25-year-old hot chocolate
    An Italian grandmother has been charged with neglect after accidentally poisoning her family by making hot chocolate from sachets that were 25 years out of date.The 77-year-old woman, from the northeastern town of Vicenza, sent three children and...
  • Mich Liggayu made two viral & controversial videos before Jam Sebastian died
    Mich Liggayu made two viral & controversial videos before Jam Sebastian died
    Negative issues are haunting Paolinne Michelle Liggayu this evening, March 31, 2015 (U.S. time) of this morning, March 31 (Manila time) due to her two controversial videos that were posted online. Almost a month ago, Jamville Sebastian, boyfriend...


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  • Payroll
    When you can’t make payroll what’s next?
    Small Business Owners everywhere can feel their hearts hit the floor reading the headline.What do you do?Your first step is to get honest and get real about what you do.Where is your business falling short of what it is supposed to be delivering?...
  • Touching Heart Kids
    Touching Heart: Inspiring kids to experience the joy of giving
    When then-almost-12-year-old Taylor Yi announced her birthday plans, she didn’t realize she was starting a movement. Instead of giving her presents, her friends were invited to donate to the charity of their choice. According to her mother,...
  • FSBO
    Does it pay to sell your home without a real-estate agent?
    If you have the time, then possibly. If not, you probably should not go this route.The internet has made it easier though to do a For Sale by Owner (FSBO).There are FSBO real-estate websites as well as other classified advertising sites, where you...