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  • Berkeley Lab study predicts autonomous taxis by 2030
    Berkeley Lab study predicts autonomous taxis by 2030
    Jeffery Greenblatt and Samveg Saxena from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported the financial and environmental benefits of autonomous taxis in the July 6, 2105, edition of the journal Nature Climate Change. The researchers found that...
  • Artist impression of Pluto and Charon
    NASA's New Horizon safe mode anomaly not likely to affect the Pluto mission
    The New Horizons space probe has spent nearly a decade voyaging to the edge of the Solar System for its encounter with Pluto. So one can imagine the consternation of the scientists and engineers who have labored to execute the close encounter with...
  • Crisis of climate change must not be ignored
    Nobel scientists issue urgent climate change warning
    Today, July 3, more than 30 recipients of the prestigious Nobel prize, issued a declaration “that nations of the world must . . . take decisive action to limit future global emissions.”This is another high-powered urgent warning,...


  • Colorado marijuana legalization creates presidental political topic
    Which presidential candidates support marijuana legalization?
    With a majority of citizens now favoring legalization of medical marijuana, none of the presidential candidates are sporting Legalize Marijuana t-shirts or lapel pins. Joel Warner of the International Business Times (IBT) published an article on...
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump deletes tweet about Jeb Bush's Mexican wife
    In the latest episode regarding Donald Trump’s fiasco over his controversial comments about criminal Mexican immigrants, it was reported by Time on Monday afternoon that the billionaire real estate mogul and 2016 GOP presidential candidate...
  • John Kerry in Vienna
    Iran facing hard choices as negotiations continue for nuclear deal
    Secretary of State John Kerry continued nuclear negotiations with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif on Monday as the deadline for a final deal approaches. Kerry said tough decisions will need to be made soon. They are hoping to reach a...

Strange News

Business & Finance

  • Facebook
    Facebook sets sight on YouTube and beyond
    Facebook users consume 4 billion video ad views per month as defined by watching videos for at least three seconds. One study estimates that Facebook will deliver 2 trillion video ad views in 2015 compared to 3 trillion for YouTube.The company can...
  • twitter marketing tips
    Twitter marketing tips that you should give a try
    Making your brand visible on Twitter is no longer an option anymore. As more and more customers are using this platform to communicate with brands and to redress their grievances, it has become customary for marketers and brands to make sure that...
  • Unemployment
    Over 2 million Americans are unemployed long-term
    There are greater than 2 million Americans who haven't been able to get a job for a long time. 24/7 Wall St reported on July 4, 2015, more than 2 million people remain unemployed long-term. In June there were 2.1 million Americans out of work...
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