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  • Turning over a New Leaf
    As we all finish out the 2014 calendar year and anticipate the start of 2015… here is a thought to consider.For many years, study after study has established that most Americans have not managed to accumulate enough savings to ensure a...
  • 7 Ways to Recognize a
    7 Ways To Recognize A Good Or Bad Crowdfunding Project
    These are 7 ways to recognize a good or bad crowdfunding project. We all know that the internet is flooded with scammers and sad to say, crowdfunding isn’t immune. Internet scammers are very smart. While there are some that are pretty...
  • Best of the Best 2014 - Chanelle A. Watson
    Best of the Best Chefs/Cooks 2014 - Chanelle A. Watson
    In order to be voted the Best of the Best in any of our categories that means you have to have had worked hard to be recognized, released several products or services and engaged your audience. Each of our Best of Chefs/Cooks did a great job and...