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  • State Department
    State Dept. meets with Muslim Brotherhood leaders, discuss opposition to al-Sisi
    It's beginning to look as though Israel isn't the only country whose government the administration wants to undermine. On Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the State Department played host to a delegation of Muslim...
  • Walmart sign
    The fallacies of blaming Walmart for obesity
    A recent study by Charles Courtemonche and Art Carden purports to show that there is a correlation between the presence of Walmart Supercenters and an increase in obesity. Using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System matched with...
  • Ukrainevols
    Again, Obama turns back on Ukrainian fight against Russians
    Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach, but few historians believe the French Emperor had any food fights in mind,à laBluto Blutarsky. Nevertheless, the America Commander-in-Chief has made clear that the best the beleaguered...

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Business & Finance

  • The NEOH Headphone, another example of innovation
    Technology, innovation, in all segments of society; so does NEOH headphone
    What do you now want to do? Innovation is not reflective of just one particular industry or economic engine. Understand, the concepts of liberties and privacy play right to the latest tech gadgets. The story line is not education or enforcement or...
  • Make Good
    AMEX & Etsy get behind local San Diego Boutique
    Make Good a local San Diego boutique is the winner of a $5,000 store refresh courtesy of American Express OPEN and Etsy. The store refresh, which includes a design consultation by Rue Magazine, was part of a Small Business Saturdaycampaign in...
  • How’s the San Francisco apartment market looking?
    How’s the San Francisco apartment market looking?
    Paragon has released its January 2015 San Francisco Bay Area Apartment-Building Market report, and there’s some good stuff to be had there. Let’s check it out, shall we?First off, dollar-per-square-foot values in San Francisco as well...