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  • What eBay buyers want
    4 Free Ways to learn what eBay Buyers Want
    The cornerstone of succeeding in any customer-based business is the ability to determine what customers want and give it to them. Unfortunately, too many online sellers have this backwards. They try to find buyers for their products, rather than...
  • 1419861960_1142_getty
    MeetUps-Norfolk, Virginia
    Have you ever heard of a group called Meet Ups? Meet Ups is a business social networking site and they have local meetings. The above link is an example of the business networking meetings in the Norfolk area. If you are a small business owner, or...
  • Top 5 movies that will not win the Oscar
    Top 5 movies that will not win the Oscar
    It is that time of year when intellectuals identify the top movies of 2014 that most Americans have not seen because they have not yet been released on Main Street. I use different criteria, and like to identify the top five movies of the year,...