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  • New public affairs commitee chair at Phoenix Chamber.
    New public affairs chair named at Phoenix Chamber
    Jaime Molera is the newly appointed public affairs committee chair at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce ( He will head up the Chamber’s results oriented public affairs program and held get the word out on Valley...
  • Everest-summit-from-South-Summit
    What is the difference between simple and easy
    Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it’s easy. Let’s look at these two words from the literal sense. Webster's defines simple as "having few parts: not complex or fancy : not special or unusual" and easy...
  • Your Business Spams
    Your momma was right - protect your reputation
    Thirty blocked emails? Twenty spam reports? You just may have a bad reputation.School girls and public figures aren’t the only ones who have reputations. Every email marketer has one too. The question is, is it a good reputation or a bad one...
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