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  • Carbon Codes
    CARBONCODES : Reducing the Global Carbon Footprint
    Offset the carbon footprint of electronics and consumer goods with the finalization of a carbon footprint reduction app "CarbonCodes"Every action, event and product causes carbon emissions. These harmful emissions are the leading cause...
  • Divorce and taxes
    Divorce and taxes
    Taxes impact nearly every aspect of life and divorce is no exception. Yet, many couples become consumed with emotion during divorce and fail to recognize the tax implications of their settlement decisions.If you are considering or are in the...
  • Credit Card Fraud
    Special alert: credit card fraud
    Sooner or later, we are all likely going to be victims ofcredit card fraud. Yesterday, it was my turn. Someone used my card in the Midwest, but I don’t live there, and I had my card in my wallet. Fortunately, three things occurred. First, I...