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  • Week-by-week government: Weak
    Week-by-week government: Weak
    Open this week: one week only.What kind of Congress funds Homeland Security on a weekly allowance? Frankly, it is the kind of Congress that needs to be recalled. There needs to be a shakeup because they are shaking down American citizens at a time...
  • Greg Reed, Matt Frendewey and Tanzi West discuss Marketing School Choice at Amplify Choice Conference
    Parents are the best messengers to communicate the school choice message
    The school choice movement should be about giving parents the freedom to decide what is the best educational environment and program for their children.To achieve that goal, it's necessary to be effective in communicating the importance of...
  • Rice crew coaches plan to race across Atlantic
    Council approves Police Contract, Mayor promtes transatlantic rowing race
    On Wednesday February 25, Houston City Council dealt with 45 agenda items including approval of the new contract with Houston Police Officers. (Item 45, formerly Item 28 on last week's agenda). The contract passed unanimously, as did most of...

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  • Think Creative
    Take a stand for clients and customers
    What began as a marketing opportunity to speak with a prospective client soon turned into an insight revealing activity as I watched an owner have a meltdown as she watch a customer leave her shop without paying for the service received.The owner...
  • Marriage equality finances
    5 steps to financial health for gay couples
    Times are a 'changin goes the old folk song. And for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender couples in the Capital District, change means progress and a need to build a sound financial house.Marriage equality is the law in New York State, and...
  • hillary clinton
    Hillary Clinton tries rebranding herself. Again.
    Hot on the heels of reports that Hillary Clinton has recruited a team of consumer marketing specialists to "help imagine Hillary 5.0," a February 25 column by American Enterprise Institute fellow Jonah Goldberg suggests that in and of...