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  • Is fitness guru Richard Simmons missing?
    Is fitness guru Richard Simmons missing?
    In November, reports began appearing stating that Richard Simmons, 66, the legendary health and fitness celebrity has not been seen at his studio for months and has not made any public appearances and is "missing in action," and it looks...
  • Girl, 3, abandoned: Child abandoned in parking center, valet says mother is gone
    Girl, 3, abandoned: Young girl left at shopping area, parents of Audrey vanish
    A girl, 3, was found abandoned this weekend in a Los Angeles shopping area. Local police are looking for the young girl’s parents, who were said to have vanished after dropping the child — who says her name is Audrey — off with...
  • Terrance Knighton
    Why Denver Broncos can’t afford to lose Terrance Knighton
    The Denver Broncos could be losing 4 key players next year who are upcoming free agents.As the Denver Broncos make a push to get to the Super Bowl again, there’s a looming list of free agents that may not be here next season. On offense, the...


  • Immigration protest
    The danger of false racial consciousness
    For those who describe themselves as Identitarians, White advocates, or whatever the phrase of choice is, one of the most important questions of our time is this: When will White people wake up?The "wake up" metaphor describes a future...
  • Ron Johnson
    Wisconsin 'lawmakers' lying through their teeth
    When you consider how the Republican Party broke its promise to fight President Obama's lawless executive amnesty for nearly 5 million illegals that includes work permits and Social Security numbers, it's not hard to understand why many...
  • The Dictator
    Reasons for President and government disapproval
    It’s a matter of trust. One of the big reasons Obama got in as President is he promised Change and transparency. The change is not what the people ordered as demonstrated by this past election and Obama apparently had no intention on...

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  • Weekly market recap: Major rebound in markets
    Weekly market recap: Major rebound in markets
    For the week ending December 19, 2014, after a poor start the Dow and S&P 500 staged a major rebound in the last few days of trading. The Dow ended the week up 3 percent; the S&P 500 ended up 3.4 percent. The turnaround occurred after the...
  • Y-Power: Dual USB Battery Backup with Built-in Car Charger!
    Y-Power: Dual USB Battery Backup with Built-in Car Charger
    Everybody who has a car knows that there can only be advantages in having your car charger. We are currently very dependent on our mobile phones, and we all know that with constant use, the battery will not last for a whole day thus the need for a...
  • NameName: The Watch & Bracelet can be customized
    NameName: The Watch & Bracelet can be customized
    NameName: The Watch & Bracelet can be customizedSlideIdentity's NAMENAME BRACELET & WATCH a unique and customizable timepiece with your name. The SlideIdentity brand was born from the idea and the concept of being unique products,...