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  • Jeb Bush Politics Stinks buttons
    Scented political campaign buttons that smell like the candidates debut
    It you think politicians stink, you’re going to love the 2016 presidential campaign. A company on Sunday, March 29 announced it will be making and selling scented campaign buttons that reflect the qualities of the candidates they advertise....
  • Bad deal and no deal
    Convoluted nuclear agreement becomes transparent: Obama mistaken again?
    "Well, here is another fine mess that you've gotten us into." Oliver HardyIf you wanted to know why Benjamin Netanyahu was so concerned about the prospective nuclear agreement with Iran, just get a load of this? One of the...
  • Is WWIII brewing in Persian Gulf?
    Is WWIII brewing in Persian Gulf?
    Christian prophets have yet to claim the cold war quickly heating up in the Middle East is a sign of the return of Christ, but some think World War III could be at hand. However, in the short term it looks like a success for Obama foreign policy...

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  • Tech tied to real estate?
    Paragon name-checked in New York Times article
    Not only is Paragon Real Estate making waves in the Bay Area, but its research is being noted across the country – and in particular in a New York Times piece about a Silicon Valley investor’s warning that there may be a bubble afoot...
  •  Dr. Letitia S. Wright
    First Time to Crowdfunding? Here is What You Need to Know
    As America’s Crowd Funding Strategist, Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C, teaches workshops for Small Business Administration, California’s SBDC’s and is a Guest blogger for the Los Angeles Crowd Funding Examiner and other Crowd Funding...
  • Final public hearings for minimum wage increase in Los Angeles this week
    Final public hearings for minimum wage increase in Los Angeles this week
    Business owners in and around Los Angeles can speak out this week on Mayor Garcetti's proposed increase in the minimum wage from $9 per hour to $13.25 per hour. There are two more public hearings this week on Tuesday, March 31 and Thursday,...