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    Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act clears another hurdle
    Every day, 22 American veterans commit suicide. That’s 8,030 suicides by veterans every year. It is a national disgrace that we have to do something to stop.So why are some Republicans in the US Senate opposed to passing the Clay Hunt...
  • NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre
    Informed choices problematic for 2015 NRA Director election
    The ballot for voting members of the National Rifle Association is included in the February issue of the member magazine, along with Nominating Committee recommendations and biographies of all of the candidates. Members (Life or higher, or annual...
  • Universities Fighting Hunger
    How to lead your school against world hunger
    With hunger afflicting 805 million people, and the most refugees since WWII, there is a tremendous need for activism. Where better to go than a college campus?Getting organized is the first step. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) just released its...

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  • Art Stream Videos
    Introduction to Art Stream
    Art Stream is a unique new service that works with leading artists and art galleries to convert high definition images of fine art into 45-second videos. Each video pans across the image and zooms into points of interest to provide an advertising...
  • stop sign
    DiGiorno's Super Bowl advertising game plan: intercept pizza deliveries
    Maybe it's nemesis for NBC's hubris: an all-time-high price of $4.5 million for 30 seconds of Super Bowl XLIX air time, in the midst of the Obama economy. But whatever the reason, brands that might otherwise have run Super Bowl commercials...
  • Prime Plumbing Co
    Prime Plumbing can manage your clogged drain
    Seeking an experienced and certified plumber who can service your needs is a difficult task; that search can become more stressful when your place of residence is under water. When there is a need to contact someone for help Prime Plumbing is...