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  • Kraft making changes to mac and cheese products in US
    Kraft mac and cheese says bye bye dye
    You may love the original, and Kraft hopes that you'll love their new Mac & Cheese even more. They announced today that the Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese sold in the United States will be made without artificial preservatives or...
  • Bored teen guilty: Chancey Allen Luna guilty in 'thrill kill' shooting
    Bored teen guilty: Chancey Allen Luna guilty in 'thrill kill' shooting
    A bored teen guilty in the killing of an Oklahoma college student in August 2013 will be sentenced to life. Chancey Allen Luna was found guilty of first-degree murder in a drive-by shooting of Christopher Lane, 23, while he was jogging. Luna was...
  • Blue Bell ice cream recalls all products nationwide
    Blue Bell Creameries recalls all products nationwide
    Blue Bell Creameries announced today they are expanding the recall to include all products made at all of their plants. Customers who have purchased Blue Bell products are being urged to return them for a full refund. Earlier this month, the CDC...


  • Stay Away, Stay Alive
    Did DFL hire a racist?
    When Aaron Rupar ran this article, he probably shouldn't have included this link. Here's the context of the link:The advertisement says, "STAY AWAY STAY ALIVE," with the Xcel Energy logo and banner printed in much smaller font in...
  • Map the Meal Gap 2015 released
    Learn about hunger in your congressional district
    A new, interactive map by Feeding America lets you find out the rate of hunger in your state, county and congressional district. The Map the Meal Gap 2015 lets you see where hunger resides in America.Using this tool, you can even find out the...
  • Servin
    Chicago cop's case thrown out; anger erupts in court
    The presiding judge was more than up front when he announced to a packed courtroom that if anyone was prone to emotional outbursts, "It might be a good time to leave right now." As reported by the Chicago Tribune and also the Chicago...

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