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  • Shariah
    Report: Islamic tribunal confirmed in Texas, media largely silent
    On Tuesday, Breitbart Texas said it confirmed the existence of an Islamic tribunal dispensing Sharia law in Texas. According to the report, the tribunal consists of four attorneys operating in Dallas. The tribunal, Breitbart added, issues...
  • Curt Hagman
    Hagman re-elected SBGOP chairman without challenge
    Last week, San Bernardino County Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman was re-elected as chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Party without challenge despite rumors that former chairman, Robert Rego, planned to oppose him for the...
  • Terrorist attack leaves 140 million people without power
    Terrorist attack leaves 140 million people without power
    A terrorist attack on the Pakistani national electrical grid left more than 140 million people without power and such an attack will occur in the United States by lone wolf or coordinated terrorist cells if U.S. electrical grids are not secured...

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Business & Finance

    Fed monetary policy similar to long term investment. It follow gradually economic situation, hopefully in the same direction. The main question today: if federal funds rate will remain unchanged? FOMC states in its previous minutes "if incoming...
  • flip a coin
    What's this year's big Super Bowl ad trend? Depends on which expert you ask
    When it comes to the biggest question on Americans' minds this week – what advertising trends we'll see in the Super Bowl XLIX telecast – the old saying, "Ask six experts, get nine different opinions," is something of...
  • Cuban President Raul Castro
    American businesses are getting ready to do business with Cuba
    News that relations between the United States and Cuba are quickly headed towards normalization has many American businesses interested in doing business with Cuba. USA Today reported on Jan. 27, 2015, American businesses are now preparing to...