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  • Los Angeles Council votes for handgun restrictions
    Los Angeles Council votes for handgun restrictions
    On November 25, 2014, Los Angeles Council unanimously voted 11 to 0 to make residents lock up handguns or disable them with a trigger lock when not in use. Los Angeles lawmakers will now start drafting a city ordinance with the same requirements...
  • ODW
    The African-American infant Darren Wilson saved
    Despite more than a few businesses in Ferguson, Missouri being looted then burned to the ground after a grand jury voted not to indict Officer Darren Wilson on criminal charges stemming from his shooting of Michael Brown, few if any major news...
  • Housing
    Alderman under pressure to support public housing ordinance
    Ald. Natashia Holmes (7th) was not in her ward office Monday when 50 members of the Chicago Housing Initiative showed up to demand that she support a proposed ordinance that, if passed by the City Council, would hold the Chicago Housing Authority...

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  • Eight Things to Consider for a Peaceful Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
    Eight Things to Consider for a Peaceful Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
    Please see the writer’s suggestions below and have a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving. Be safe and make sure you rest and relax.Boston Market is open on Thanksgiving: Boston Market is open on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, Boston market fed...
  • Man playing strength test game
    The perils of sponsoring dreamers
    One viable way to create income from home is working within a Multi-level Marketing company (MLM) or Direct Sales company like Avon, Tupperware, etc. I've worked within three such companies with varying degrees of success. Ultimately, I found...
  • Infographic
    Have you heard of Friendsgiving?
    Millenials are more likely to host Friendsgiving - a Thanksgiving tradition with friends instead of familyThis interesting survey put out by TGI Fridays reveals some interesting insight into the way Millenials celelebrate the holiday. TGI Fridays...