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  • Anthony Bosworth arrest
    Spokane protest to defy judge’s gun ban on federal grounds
    Despite a last-minute legal maneuver by a federal judge to ban guns on federal property, not just inside designated facilities as provided for in United States Code, protesters plan on going ahead with today’s armed demonstration at the Tom...
  • Abbas
    Arabs stand with Israel against Obama
    President Obama has ushered in a world that defines the statement "truth is stranger than fiction." Defying his oath to "support and defend the U.S. Constitution..." Obama has in a few short years turned the world upside down....
  • Grassroots
    ‘Astroturf’ versus real grassroots in Evergreen State
    While many eyes will be focused on today’s planned demonstration in front of the Thomas S. Foley federal courthouse in Spokane, an equally important, if not more so, story has unfolded over the past week in Olympia, where true grassroots...

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  • Customer Services Rules of SMBs
    Customer Services Rules of SMBs
    Do you own a small to midsize business (SMB) with limited financial resources? Are you worried about the ever-stiffening competition in the business world? Or are you startup that just stepped into the mainstream corporate world? Then the first...
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Service!
    Deliver Exceptional Customer Service!
    Your business cannot prosper if your customers are not happy. There is no denying that factors such as service quality and effective marketing matter a great deal to attract customers. However if you are not focusing on customer experiences as...
  • Trampolina Fashion Boutique
    The REAL reason why small businesses "friend" on Facebook
    Why “friend” a lot of people on Facebook? People you don’t know, have any connection to, or are many zip codes away? And why would a Detroiter make a Facebook friend to an Arizonian? It’s called social media marketing ...