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  • Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo
    Donald Trump promotes Sarah Palin as cabinet secretary
    Donald Trump, the businessman and media personality, continues to defy gravity by remaining at the top of the Republican polls, despite various missteps and revelations that would have sunk a lesser candidate. According to a Tuesday story in the...
  • UofCincinnati
    Police Union fighting for indicted Cincinnati cop’s job
    Early Friday, the union representing former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing filed a grievance on behalf of the officer indicted for murder. They are demanding that he get his job back because he was fired without due process....
  • Ebola vaccines
    WHO pleased with Ebola vaccine trial results
    The World Health Organization said Friday that the Ebola vaccine has been 100% effective in trials conducted in Guniea. British medical journal Lanclet published preliminary results and analysis. Norway’s Foreign Minister called the vaccine...

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Business & Finance

  • Jupiter Home Sales
    Jupiter Home Sales - No Summer Time Blues Here
    August 1st numbers 12.3% higher than last yearThis summer Paradise Sharks decided to run our “Summers Saving Splash” where we give each of our buyer client’s a cash rebate at closing equal to 15% of the commission we received on...
  • New public affairs commitee chair at Phoenix Chamber.
    New public affairs chair named at Phoenix Chamber
    Jaime Molera is the newly appointed public affairs committee chair at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce ( He will head up the Chamber’s results oriented public affairs program and held get the word out on Valley...
  • Everest-summit-from-South-Summit
    What is the difference between simple and easy
    Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it’s easy. Let’s look at these two words from the literal sense. Webster's defines simple as "having few parts: not complex or fancy : not special or unusual" and easy...
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