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  • Best candidate for American president
    'H' infected Democrats need new leadership
    It isn’t just about her emails, or Benghazi. It’s not about her credentials, she has the GOP beaten there. It’s about her age, yes. It’s about the legacy of baggage that is akin to the Bush baggage in the other party....
  • Business Economy
    Reexamining the task: equivalence
    Frequently, after inflation, the period- interregnal, to gestation, encompasses the, those who, pundit, see an overview of resources. Because the omnibus, as well as the deflated, postulates a review of liquidity, negative prosperity, and economic...
  •  Obama wants a stay on a federal judge's temporary injunction on his immigration executive actions
    Obama plans injunction appeal wants to start immigration executive action Monday
    Now that President Barack Obama had his way and Congress passed a clean bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the rest of the fiscal year, he is looking to start his immigration executive actions. The Obama administration...

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