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  • Estate Agents and the internet: Who’s the boss?
    Estate Agents and the internet: Who’s the boss?
    While the internet hasn’t wiped out estate agents, the fact remains that those agents that make the leap into the internet age will be the guaranteed winners of the future.Real estate brokers must, in general, be proud of their market...
  • Funerals at the worst time of the year.
    Why do more people die during the holidays?
    Capital Region hockey fans may have heard or read about the recent sudden death of Clint Reif, 34, assistant equipment manger for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. Cause of death is under investigation. It is a holiday season...
  • Promise in Africa
    Colorado nonprofit aids needy students in Africa
    A nonprofit founded by Father Evan Armatas, parish priest at St. Spyridons Greek Orthodox Church in Loveland, Colo., is building a growing network of schools in Africa. Over the 12 years of existence of the St. Nektarios Education Fund, Father...