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Strange News

  • Five-legged lamb born
    Five-legged lamb born in Wales melts hearts everywhere
    A five-legged lamb born in Wales is melting hearts everywhere with its extra dose of cuteness. The precious little lamb has more than just a bonus leg; it also has an endearing personality and an adorable face that's getting attention across...
  • Egypt belly dancer gets jail time for wearing flag dress
    Egypt belly dancer Safinaz gets jail time for wearing flag dress
    A top Egyptian belly dancer is getting time in jail for wearing a dress in the colors of the Egyptian flag.Sofinar Gourianwas sentenced on Monday to six months in prison. Insulting the flag in any way is a crime in Egypt, according to ECanadaNow...
  • Young woman dies after taking over the counter diet pills
    Young woman dies from diet pills that "burned her from within"
    After the death of a 21-year-old British woman that purchased diet pills online died last week, the authorities began notifying the public today about purchasing diet pills online, reports Yahoo news.Eloise Aimee Parry ingested eight pills that...

Business & Finance

  • Heidi Klum: Shares How She Soared From Model To Business Mogul
    Heidi Klum Covers Success, Secrets, And Strategy
    SUCCESS Magazine sets down with Heidi Klum this month to capture the Emmy-winning, business mogul’s advice and learn what’s next for her multi-million dollar brand. Klum also discusses how projects are selected, whose advice has been...
  • How to enter your hotel room with no key
    How to enter your hotel room with no key
    Road warriors usually look forward to getting to their rooms at the end of the day, but the part that is no fun is standing in line waiting for a room key. It’s late, and so often the one in front of you seems to be the one with so many...
  • Vietnam Comfort Women protest
    Why the Vietnam Comfort Women Issue Won't Go Away
    During the Vietnam War, there were a lot of casualties. In the war itself, there were 282,000 Allied military deaths and 444,000 Communist military deaths. The one thing that time seems to forget, though, are the civilians. The civilian deaths far...
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