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    Cutting through the Noise: Using Podcasts to Buil Loyal Audiences
    Building a relationship with your audience is key to ensuring the longer life cycle of your business or brand. Sure, serving your audience bite-size pieces of quality articles, but just like in any long-term relationship, you have to mix it up a...
  • brian hymel five diamonds
    The Technology of the Bakken
    In 2011, I asked former North Dakota governor and current Continental Resources board member Ed Schafer how important technology is in the Bakken oil boom.His prioritizing of where technology ranks for this oil boom was surprising.“This...
  • Spinflo: visualize the invisible!
    Spinflo: visualize the invisible!
    In our early childhood as well as in all of our ages, we have always been captivated by the cool toys that demonstrate physical laws in motion. From a spinning top, to a gyroscope, or even Newton’s cradle, these little inventions have...