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  • All our poops stinks
    Patriot To Do list
    Two of the most inspirational speeches in the past 60 years are JFK’s, “Ask not…” speech and MLK’s, “Content of character…” speech. The essence of the words of these two great Americans’ is...
  • Hot Air Presidential Straw Poll
    Iowa's Presidential Buzz
    Saturday marked the unofficial start of the 2016 GOP presidential nomination fight.According to this article, Scott Walker was the big winner at the Iowa Freedom Summit:DES MOINES, Iowa — Scott Walker’s stock is soaring after a...
  • National Climate Change Assessment.jpg
    Miami at risk because of rising sea levels
    Miami has more to lose due to rising sea levels than any other city in America, and Florida has more to lose than any other State.According to a report in National Geographic, the rising sea levels caused by global warming put Florida, and...

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  • Weekly market recap: Major move by ECB
    Weekly market recap: Major move by ECB
    For the week ending January 23, 2015, the markets were up breaking a three week streak of losses. Equities were higher due largely to the higher than expected ECB quantitative easing (QE) program, but concern over the Greek elections weighed on...
  • ANnCoupons
    AnnCouponsThere might be quite a few discount and coupon websites, none is proving as popular as AnnCoupons. Since their launch date, they have experienced phenomenally high levels of traffic from all over the world. The deals listed on their site...
  • rats deserting ship
    Another car brand deserts Super Bowl XLIX advertising
    Looks like New England Patriot footballs aren't the only things being deflated in the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX. So is the number of car brands buying commercial time in the game. Longtime advertiser Hyundai announced plans to sit out the...