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  • Babe Ruth
    Five-way tie for first among GOP candidates
    What has Jeb Bush done?a. Let his lead slip awayb. Become upstaged in a fractious mannerc. Watch instead of leadd. All of the aboveThe answer is “d. all of the above”.“Rand Paul and Scott Walker "lead" the way at 11...
  • Texas motorists being tracked using smart phones
    TxDOT tracks drivers to mine data without their consent
    At a recent stakeholders meeting on the I-35 bypass study in San Antonio, it came to light that a consultant hired by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) used a Bluetooth reader to collect the trip origination and destination data...
  • Senator Rand Paul
    Is Rand Paul now the Republican frontrunner?
    Rand Paul has long been considered a long shot to gain the Republican nomination for president. His views on national security and civil liberties put him at odds with much of the conservative base of the GOP, while his views on social issues don...

Strange News

Business & Finance

  • How to Make Kickstarter Work for any Industry
    How to Make Kickstarter Work for Any Industry
    Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform often referred to as a creative haven. While there’s no denying certain projects tend to do best here, there’s also a healthy market for other types of projects. Kickstart can indeed work in any...
  • startup
    Shortcuts to Startup Success - by a 6 year old
    This is a different kind of business book. They are raising $3,000 for illustrations in the book. You can get access to this 226 page book early, if you support the campaign.You can also get be an official sponsor of the book, get a 10 day stay in...
  • Grant Cardone
    Grant Cardone makes humanitarian outreach
    As reported by WKRG, on June 1, 2015, Cardone Training Technologies announced that best-selling author and sales trainer,Grant Cardone will be donating his life’s work to two separate community-building organizations. The first is The Enoch...
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