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  • Social attitudes shifting
    Polling shows social conservatives in decline
    Polling released over the past few weeks has revealed what may be seismic shifts in American morality. On virtually every issue, American public opinion has shifted to the left. The most recent polling, released today by Gallup, show that the...
  • Hillary
    Hillary hires former illegal alien as 'Latino Outreach Director'
    A Washington Post syndicated columnist has asked whether presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is sincere in picking activist Lorella Praeli, the former head of United We Dream, to put herself in good graces with Latinos.That any politician can be...
  • Cocked and locked
    New analysis tells same old story: More Dems favor gun control
    A new analysis of 2013 polling data on gun control that appeared yesterday on a blog from the London School of Economics and Political Science shows a majority of Democrats favor stricter gun laws, while coincidentally this morning’s...

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  • Dr. Wright's Favorites of May 30, 2015
    Dr. Wright's Favorites of May 30, 2015
    A Yummy Future - Healthy Cooking Classes for KidsTeaching kids to cook will decrease obesity. When you support this project, you will get a thank you card or a photo from the class. Your financial support will go towards offering more classes in...
  • The Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay
    Open Season: Manele Golf Course open and ready for play on Lana'i
    Manele Golf Course is a desert style golf course that sits right on the cliffs of the ocean while boasting some of the more spectacular panoramic ocean views in the world on every hole.- Scott Ashworth, Director Of Golf, Four Seasons Resorts Lana&...
  • Quick, what's the worst possible brand name in the world?
    Quick, what's the worst possible brand name in the world?
    What's the absolutely worst, most repulsive brand name you could possibly think of? Well, an ice cream cone manufacturer named M. V. F. Products in India already thought of it. "Indian ice cream lovers are putting their favorite treat in...
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