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    Cold weather doesn't mean climate change isn't real
    Incorporating cold into climate models is all part of the global picture, and that’s why scientists have abandoned the term “global warming” in favor of the term “climate change” because change affects warm and cold...
  • Secretary of State John Kerry
    Is the Netanyahu visit part of bad cop-good cop theater?
    Not normally being a conspiracy theorist, it is difficult to ponder the possibility that the Netanyahu visit to the Capitol is part of a balancing act in the US-allied Iranian nuclear negotiations. Here the negotiators are down to the final...
  • Concealed carry on campus
    If concealed carry is so bad, why do so many people do it?
    To read yesterday’s editorial in the Missoulian newspaper in Missoula, Montana, one would think the sky was about to fall because Big Sky Country lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow people with concealed carry permits to...

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  • Dr. Wright's Favorite of March 2,  2015
    Dr. Wright's Favorite of March 2, 2015
    NEW Jamie Alimorad Album Produced by Gino VannelliGrammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Gino Vannelli is prodcuing Jamie Alimorad new album. Alimorad's has finished his last mega-sucessful tour and is ready to create more for the...
  • Saudi the oil empire
    Saudis and oil politics: Pick your battles
    Even though analysts are predicting a diminishing clout of OPEC with respect to regulating oil prices, the organization, led by Saudi Arabia, still run the show.The past few months have been hard on the oil industry. From 2010 until mid-2014, the...
  • Los Angeles Business Book Column About Dr. Arlene Griggs Spann
    Los Angeles Business Book Column About Dr. Arlene Griggs Spann
    Author and Speaker, Dr. Arlene Griggs Spann was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree, by Global Oved Dei Seminary & University. She is the founder of Arlene Spann SWEATS. Her business was created from her struggle of being unhealthy...