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  • A music classroom stands empty at a Middle School
    Video: Parents remove child from school over Islamic indoctrination
    Imagine your child coming home from school quoting scripture from the Bible, writing the 10 Commandments, and reciting declarations of faith in Jesus Christ. Seem inappropriate and outrageous? It is exactly what is happening atManhattan Beach...
  • Higher Education
    Declines in enrollment
    U.S. college and universities experienced for the second straight year a decline in enrollment.College enrollment dropped 2.3 percent to 19.5 million, a decrease of 463,000, according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report.Higher percentage in...
  • Fake Tea Party group caught using racist image
    Fake Tea Party group caught using racist images
    There are many Tea Party organizations in the United States who are actively working to make the country a better place, and then there are companies who are using the Tea Party banner to make money for themselves without actually working to...

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  • Undad comic miniseries
    Undad comic miniseries
    Although the tradition of using zombie fiction as a parable for modern life is one that holds true in Undad, this comic is focused upon the individual personal journey of freshly undead Brett Buckley. Brett struggles to regain the love and respect...
  • Dumpster Brawl!
    Dumpster Brawl!
    Steady the whole family for “Dumpster Brawl!,“ it's “Heaps of Fun!”This is a game of card collection and set making mixed with some dice-based combat and 3 different ways to play. So, prepare to brawl! Get ready to...
  • Baking up a dream, a family's dream
    Baking up a dream, a family's dream
    Kris Kafka, Cory Fillion, Darnell Fillion and DJ (Darnell Junior) Fillion. Make up an extraordinary team of entrepreneurs who happen to be highly-respected family men united with one dream - to open a family-run business. They recently came across...