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  • McCain-Palin
    The Modern Know-Nothings
    The tea party response to President Obama’s executive order changing immigration policy reenforces the movement’s resemblance to mid-nineteenth century Know-Nothing nativism.The American Party — better known as the Know-Nothings ...
  • Al Sharpton, racist provocateur
    Al Sharpton, racist provocateur
    Al Sharpton's destructive role in the Ferguson-Michael Brown case isn't as destructive as his role in the Tawana Brawley scandal but it's close. For more than 25 years, Al Sharpton has been a well-paid race-baiting provocateur. Finally...
  • Barack Obama
    Obama approval rating is lowest among America's largest group: Gallup poll
    Two-thirds of America’s whites are not college-educated. They make up the largest segment of America’s voters. According to a new Gallup poll result released on Wedsday, President Barack Obama’s overall job approval rating has...

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