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  • Eagles Soar to St. Louis
    Eagles Soar to St. Louis
    For the 16th year in a row, Lancaster High School’s Team 399 Eagle Robotics will be going to the FIRST Robotics Championships in St. Louis after receiving the prestigious Chairman’s Award at the regional competition held this past...
  • Idaho man dials 911 over bar bill, price he pays is higher than bill itself
    Idaho man dials 911 over bar bill, price he pays is higher than bill itself
    An Idaho man dialed 911 over a bar bill that he alleged a club overcharged him. The incident occurred in Post Falls where Phillip Poissonnier called the emergency number over 12 times to report that he was charged more for his drinks than he...
  • Tongi, Bangladesh, Muslim return home on the last day of the annual Bishwa Ijtema in January
    Another Blogger butchered in Bangladesh for "anti-Islamic" writing
    Blogger, Washiqur Rahman Babu was butchered to death in Bangladesh, in front of bystanders that did nothing to stop the attack. According to sources reported yesterday, Babu was attacked for his anti-Islamic writings. This is the second time in a...


  • Starbucks CEO defends Obama, slams Giuliani
    Starbucks CEO defends Obama, slams Giuliani
    Starbucks CEO (and outspoken liberal) Howard Schultz has once again jumped on his progressive soapbox, this time, to criticize former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani over his comments that President Barack Obama doesn't love America.Giuliani...
  • Goodluck Jonathan concedes
    Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan concedes election defeat
    Today, Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan has conceded defeat to his major opposition candidate, Retired General Muhammadu Buhari in a heated presidential election held Saturday, March 28, 2015. Jonathan of the People's Democratic...
  • Lows Lake07.jpg
    The Moment I Learned What Quiet Really Is
    Quiet is a relative thing; it depends on where you are and where you’ve been. In New York City and Chicago it means you can hear yourself speak. In the suburbs it means you can hear your neighbors talking softly in the yard next door.But I...

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  • Amazon, Walmart Easter sales
    Easter sales: Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Kmart
    Easter is April 5, 2015, and now is the time to gather your supplies. Whether shopping for Easter baskets, chocolates, eggs, candy or new Sunday wear, you'll find plenty of Easter sales will help ensure you have everything you need for the...
  • Payroll
    When you can’t make payroll what’s next?
    Small Business Owners everywhere can feel their hearts hit the floor reading the headline.What do you do?Your first step is to get honest and get real about what you do.Where is your business falling short of what it is supposed to be delivering?...
  • Touching Heart Kids
    Touching Heart: Inspiring kids to experience the joy of giving
    When then-almost-12-year-old Taylor Yi announced her birthday plans, she didn’t realize she was starting a movement. Instead of giving her presents, her friends were invited to donate to the charity of their choice. According to her mother,...