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  • FedEx has arrived
    Modern history of anthrax in America
    The Center for Disease Control sums it up by first cataloging “naturally occurring anthrax” and then recording its history as a “biological weapon”.“Naturally Occurring Anthrax1250 BC - Ancient origins of anthrax...
  • Which one is more like a Democrat?
    Why George Pataki is a great GOP pick
    If the GOP were to nominate George Pataki for President, it would divide some of the Hillary Clinton following. Democrats might jump ship and vote for him instead. Why?George Pataki has been a successful CEO of a significant state government...
  • WebsterTrashCompany.jpg
    Websters’ Trash Collections Violate Monroe County Sanitary Code
    The Websters violate the Monroe County Sanitary Code and the Village Code every time they haul away the garbage from their rental properties instead of having a waste collection company such as Waste Management or Suburban Disposal do it.The...

Strange News

  • 552 pound fish grouper
    552 pound fish: Grouper nearly capsizes kayak
    A 552 pound grouper fish was caught on camera, and on a circle hook, inSanibel, Florida earlier this month. Although the once-in-a-lifetime catch was made on May 20, 2015, it took until now for the footage of the incident to go viral online....
  • Update: Maryland mom found pushing dead toddler son in swing
    Update: Maryland mom found pushing dead toddler son in swing
    The maternal grandmother of a three-year-old boy found dead in a La Plata, Maryland, playground last Friday while his mother reportedly had been pushing his deceased remains overnight on a playground swing told WUSA that her daughter would never...
  • buff kangaroo intimidates
    Buff kangaroo intimidates Australia neighborhood: Roo with big pecs tops 200 lbs
    A buff kangaroo intimidates folks ina Brisbane, Australia neighborhood along with nearby playgrounds and golf courses, making headlines and going viral on the Internet in the process. The intimidating buff kangaroo hasbig pecs and a torn ear. It...

Business & Finance

  • It's not your fault
    It's not your fault
    May is almost over, and with it, the end of another Disability Insurance Awareness Month. There’s been plenty of opinions and information and statistics all supporting the idea that our paycheck is our most important asset, and it should be...
  • lakes at the bluffs
    To live close to the beach in Jupiter consider Lakes at the Bluffs
    Your biggest problem will be finding a property to buyBack in the 1980’s, DiVosta and Berg was a locally owned company and one of their most famous product lines were the quads with mansard roofs that dot the landscape throughout the Palm...
  • Anatomy of a Tradeshow Booth
    Xibit Solutions infographic: Anatomy of a Tradeshow Booth
    When it comes to B2B marketing, trade shows remain the most powerful channel for showcasing a company's products and services. Studies show that many attendees of such events wield purchasing power, and that an exhibit or booth can bring...
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