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  • FCC raises standards for broadband speed
    ISPs balk at new FCC standards for broadband speeds
    The FCC voted on Thursday to define broadband speed as 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up. The boost, which was approved by a 3-2 vote along party lines, seems to be consistent with the Republican quest to push American policy as far back to the past as...
  • Mitt Romney
    Steadfast optimism drives Romney to favor himself
    Mitt Romney has scheduled a press conference today at which time he will make an announcement. It isn’t certain, but insiders anticipate that Mitt will declare that he is running for president in 2016. Why should he? He believes that he is...
  • Keystone Pipeline Vote
    Senate approves Keystone XL Pipeline 62-36
    Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Senate approved the building of Keystone XL pipeline even in the midst of the constant threat of a veto from President Obama and his administration. The Senate voted 62-36 to pass the bill; the pipeline will run north...

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