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  • King Obama
    King Obama, Boehner's House, King Caucus and an Old Hickory
    Before Andrew Jackson won the presidency in 1828, a "King Caucus" of congressional leaders on Capitol Hill chose party nominees in a tidy, insular way as a tidy, insular National Bank directed national economic affairs for the benefit of...
  • Methadone Clinic
    Chatham residents want a methdaone clinic relocated away from schools
    A Saturday town hall meeting in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood attracted parents, grandparents, homeowners, and business owners, who overwhelming said they want a methadone clinic relocated away from schools and daycare centers."That...
  • Plethora of candidates
    GOP: The unelectable party
    How can you say that the GOP is unelectable when they control both chambers of Congress? Understanding American voters is a complex challenge that involves some creative analysis that is sometimes substantiated with data, but not always. Analysis...

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  • Jeff DeGraff
    How to See the Future First
    One of the biggest challenges innovators face is to truly understand the market opportunity space before they start creating a strategy and well in advance of product development. Since we can't see the future, we need to gain some real...
  • Cats game
    A New Fun Game Cat Escape
    Cat Escape is a mobile game where you are the cat and must dodge obstacles to escape or die a gruesome death! I don’t think you would know anybody who owns a smartphone who doesn't own a game. Be it young or old, they have a game or two...
  • What can be learned about small business from Target.
    What can be learned about small business from Target.
    What can a small business learn from a large retailer like Target? A lot if you take the time to examine the way Target does business with the public.Target uses theconcept of team. What does team look like? It is one leader, some sub-leaders, and...