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  • Veterans Choice Program.jpg
    Department of Veterans Affairs Learns How to Read an Odometer
    Yesterday, the Department of Veterans Affairs published the following rule change in the Federal Register. This changes .the way the VA measures the distance a veteran lives from the nearest VA medical facility. From now on, instead of measuring...
  • On the pedestrian bridge overlooking Cumberland Park, Nashville, TN
    Handgun carry in parks legal across Tennessee
    Yesterday, Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee signed the bill that legalized defensive handgun carry in parks statewide. This was after the bill took a tortuous trip through the legislature. The enacting of this law got mixed reactions from local...
  • NY State Assembly Chamber
    Without fanfare or public debate, repeal of NY Safe Act shelved by Democrats
    On April 23, 2015, the New York State Assembly Codes Committee met to discuss Bills A-2651 and A-3350. Each of these Bills sought to repeal the NY Safe Act, enacted a little over 2 years ago without debate or public input as a matter of necessity...

Strange News

  • Five-legged lamb born
    Five-legged lamb born in Wales melts hearts everywhere
    A five-legged lamb born in Wales is melting hearts everywhere with its extra dose of cuteness. The precious little lamb has more than just a bonus leg; it also has an endearing personality and an adorable face that's getting attention across...
  • Egypt belly dancer gets jail time for wearing flag dress
    Egypt belly dancer Safinaz gets jail time for wearing flag dress
    A top Egyptian belly dancer is getting time in jail for wearing a dress in the colors of the Egyptian flag.Sofinar Gourianwas sentenced on Monday to six months in prison. Insulting the flag in any way is a crime in Egypt, according to ECanadaNow...
  • Young woman dies after taking over the counter diet pills
    Young woman dies from diet pills that "burned her from within"
    After the death of a 21-year-old British woman that purchased diet pills online died last week, the authorities began notifying the public today about purchasing diet pills online, reports Yahoo news.Eloise Aimee Parry ingested eight pills that...

Business & Finance

  • Allan Starr of Marketing Partners of Arizona writes about the importance of experience.
    Marketing Partners take on experience
    Marketing Partners of Arizona’s founder, Allan Starr, ( has been a valuable resource for this column for a number of years. He has a simple approach to marketing concepts that works well for his many clients and...
  • ENTELEC Conference and Exhibition
    ENTELEC Conference and Exhibition
    The ENTELEC Conference and Exhibition is held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, April 7 - 9. The gathering is primarily a telecommunications and control event. There are keynote addresses, technical sessions, and an...
  • New Governor Doug Ducey is anxious for reform and recovery
    New Governor Doug Ducey is anxious for reform and recovery
    On April 22, 2015, Governor Doug Ducey moved smoothly through the third floor offices of Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, shaking hands, listening attentively, and smiling assuredly. He had been invited by Jordan Rose to share his thoughts...
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