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  • West Lake protest
    Radioactive site continues to plague St. Louis residents and region
    World War II Manhattan Project radioactive material dumped illegally and left behind at West Lake landfill in St. Louis County affecting nearby populationIn North St. Louis County, Missouri, in the City of Bridgeton, there is a ticking time bomb...
  • Dugway Proving Ground
    Pentagon identifies more Anthrax shipments
    The U.S. Department of Defense on Friday identified five more laboratories that received live Anthrax shipments bringing the total to twenty four laboratories in 11 states and Australia and South Korea.U.S. Department of Defense Deputy Secretary,...
  • Bernie Sanders
    Why Republicans fear Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton
    The 2016 presidential election is a year and a half away, and while the Republican field is expanding by the day, there are only two candidates currently on the Democratic sideline. Though the general consensus is that Hillary Clinton will...

Strange News

Business & Finance

  • Best Agents in Texas
    Best Agents in Texas: Austin's Real Estate Experts
    Austin, Texas, the state's capital has many great characteristics in connection with its historic background. According to Forbes online, the city is number one for employment, the third-fastest in population growth in the United States, and a...
  • Staging to sell?
    When staging, use vignettes to add value
    These wise words about creating vignettes when staging a home come from Linda Betencourt ofCenter Stage in San Francisco.Stopping short of fake food and breakfast-in-bed trays, a few well-placed accessories can really give buyers the idea of how...
  • Climbing in San Francisco
    San Francisco life can be an uphill climb
    When people start to look at homes in San Francisco,they don’t always think about how many stairs they might have to climb just to get to the front door. Stairs aren’t that big a deal, you say? Tell that to me when you’re...
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