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  • Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, answering questions on the 2016 US government budget proposal
    The $4 trillion hard lesson we all should learn about "overhead"
    Chiropractors across the United States should be very busy from the head turning over President Barack Obama's record-breaking 2016$4 trillion budget proposal to Congress. This increase of close to $500 billion from already ostentatious...
  • World's Most Private Communication App is Here!
    World's Most Private Communication App is Here!
    Here is what we have found: People are social by nature. Security, privacy, and confidentiality are issues that we all need to deal with when meeting others. And we still want to meet people face to face. When you use this new app- You no longer...
  • Illuminated Motion
    Illuminated Motion
    It's time to make your wheels the center of attention. Illuminated Motion, LLC, has patented the "QUICK RELEASE ILLUMINATED HUB" known as the " IMs1" (Illuminated Motion Series One). Because of this invention, Illuminated...