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  • Ferguson, Missouri
    Untangling the Ferguson disaster
    Being a part of the media, there is a certain responsibility not to fan the flames of a disastrous event, but to report the facts and to help interpret the situation. In the instance of the shooting of Michael Brown by police Officer Darren Wilson...
  • Mitt Romney
    Romney would defeat Clinton if presidential election were held now: Quinnipiac
    Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and unsuccessful Republican candidate for president in 2012, is leading among Republican voters for the 2016 presidential contest. The results of a Quinnipiac University poll were released on...
  • democrats donkeys
    Tips for dealing with Democrats on Turkey Day
    There have been many blogs posted around the interwebs written by left wing organizations on how to push their fairy tale facts and undocumented statistics onto conservatives over Thanksgiving dinner. While most people would rather enjoy the...

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  • Facebook Wi-Fi: Is It Right for Your Business?
    Facebook Wi-Fi: Is it Right for Your Business?
    Your neighborhood coffee shop or nearby hotel probably offers free Wi-Fi already. But did you know that Facebook offers something called Facebook Wi-Fi that allows your customers free Internet access? By simply clicking a button, people can check...
  • The history and myths of living in retirement
    The history and myths of living in retirement
    What is retirement? Well, these days, it can be anything you want it to be. Today’s retirees are living vibrant, active lifestyles for many years – lifestyles that will require significant additional income. How will you ‘shape...
  • Citadel Mall Outlet tree
    Citadel Outlet Mall keeps Thanksgiving night opening for Black Friday
    Black Friday sales at the Citadel Outlet Mall begins Thanksgiving night at 8pm with a Moonlight Madness Sale. There are no future plans to open earlier for the only outlet mall in the downtown Los Angeles area."I'm a big fan of...