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  • DCCC
    President Obama could get jail time, according to DCCC
    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a mass email to its supporters suggesting that President Barack Obama could be impeached or even receive jail time, according to a Washington Times report on Monday. The emails which...
  • Becca Campbell
    #Ferguson protester 'shot to death'
    The message has all the makings of another tragedy that could turn ugly.A Twitter messageon Sunday by aBrentwood, Mo., resident who tweets under the namePaul Hampel notes that Ferguson protesterBecca Campbell "was fatally shot on Fri."...
  • State liabililties reach an incredible unfunded liability of $4.73 trillion
    State liabililties reach an incredible unfunded liability of $4.73 trillion
    A report from State Budget Solutions finds that state-level public pension plans are underfunded by a massive $4.73 trillion this year. That is an amount equal to more than $15,000 for each and every American.Joe Luppino-Esposito, author of the ...

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  • Retale app
    Retale is a weekly ad and deal aggregator app just in time for the holidays
    Now free for bothAndroidandiPhone/iPad, Retale can help you with your holiday shopping by taking the hassle out of fumbling through ads. Find all of your in-store deals and promotions for about 130 of the top retail brands in the U.S. such as Kohl...
  • Jupiter Condo Prices Confirm Market Strength
    Jupiter Condo Prices Confirm Market Strength
    Short term move higher in Jupiter condo pricesYesterday we had the opportunity to eat at Jupiter's newest restaurant and it is just another sign that Jupiter has moved to the top of a premier list of highly sought after areas when it comes to...
  • Toronto 2015 Planning Ahead
    Toronto 2015: a good guide for sports career planning
    Whether you are looking for a sports career position today or planning ahead for next year, the employment opportunities section of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games website provides an excellent way to learn the skills you need and how to...