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  • Const
    Why defunding DHS failed
    The failure of the Republican majority in Congress to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty this week has once again engendered bitterness among some conservatives toward the party’s leadership. Accusations that John Boehner and...
  •  Iraqi's who have who fled recent fighting near the city of Mosul are try to enter a temporary displacement camp
    As the march on Mosul is delayed, the time is nigh for a Kurdish state
    As ISIS barbarians burn priceless books at the Mosul Library and smash apart statues that are thousands of years old at the Mosul Museum of Antiquities, the Obama administration boasted that the march on that city would begin in the spring. Now,...
  • AR-15 bullets
    Lawmakers fire back at Obama's plan to unilaterally ban AR-15 ammunition
    A proposal by the Obama administration to ban one of the most common bullets used in the popular AR-15 rifle has some GOP lawmakers up in arms. On Saturday, Fox News reported that over 100 members of Congress fired off a letter to the Bureau of...

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  • SCORE contributor talks about online presence.
    Driving web traffic to your site subject of SCORE article
    Go Daddy has developed an industry leading presence on successful use of the Internet. In a recent Greater Phoenix SCORE ( article Go Daddy small business consultant and free-lance pop culture writer Erik Wong writes about...
  • Claudia Boekel, Chair of the IOC Athlete’s Commission, at IOC Executive Board meeting in Rio de Janeiro  February 26, 2015
    IOC to boost athlete and team sponsors with new policies
    The slogan “Athletes First” has had a challenge over the years from confusion over the guidelines for advertising featuring Olympic athletes, coaches and other participants during the Olympic Games. Commonly referred to as “Rule...
  • Think Creative
    Take a stand for clients and customers
    What began as a marketing opportunity to speak with a prospective client soon turned into an insight revealing activity as I watched an owner have a meltdown as she watch a customer leave her shop without paying for the service received.The owner...