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  • Comet 67P UFO
    Rosetta comet radio signals and UFO claims spark controversy
    The Huffington Post today attempted to debunk claims that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is transmitting radio signals and may in fact be an ancient spaceship. Post writer Michael Rundle picked up on an earlier September 29 story released on the...
  • Sniper fires a Barrett 50 rifle
    New world record set for longest sniper kill in Afghanistan
    According to a report inthe Telegraph newspapertherehas been a new record set for the longest kill shot in Afghanistan.GPS aids supposedly "measured the distance the bullet traveled at 2815 meters", beating the previous record of 2475...
  • ill
    'Open border' virus now leaving children paralyzed
    Thousands of cases of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) have been seen across the country since mid-August, landing scores of children in intensive care units with acute respiratory distress. Not only is there no end in sight to this current and extremely...

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  • Russia banker: two to three years needed to be totally disconnected from dollar
    Russia banker: two to three years needed to be totally disconnected from dollar
    On Sept. 30, the head of Russia's second largest bank stated in an interview that it will take only two to three years before the Rouble could be completely disconnected from the dollar and Swift system, and become fully convertible in...
  • car dealer
    Study: Car dealers' ads are total wastes of money
    If you're like most consumers, you ignore car dealership commercials because most are so obnoxious. But new consumer research begs to differ – not that you ignore the radio and television spots, but why. According to a C+R Research study...
  • Work At Home
    15 companies that offer legitimate work-at-home jobs
    In the midst of false promises and expensive gimmicks that guarantee wealth and riches online, you will find legitimate opportunities that are more of a real job then a affiliate program or get-rich-quick scheme.Even the U.S. Government is...