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  • IOC President Thomas Bach at February 28, 2015 Press Conference
    IOC President Thomas Bach listens first to turn team spirit into results
    The International Olympic Committee and Rio 2016 security passed tough test today when violent protestors muscled into the arrival area for journalists and guests to attend a scheduled press conference with IOC President Thomas Bach. The response...
  • Mayweather at basketball game
    Mayweather Pacquiao, who wins the Mega? Fight that is.
    "With thousands in attendance and millions more watching arrrrrround the woooooorld!". Michael Buffer.There is one contender that might overwhelm the current pound for pound king in this new era of media and social gathering of the...
  • Economic concerns
    Gallup's economic confidence index is dismal
    Economic confidence in the United States has not been looking very good. Newsmax reported on Feb. 27, 2015, Gallup's economic confidence index has fallen back into negative territory. This makes it appear as if the economy is not improving as...