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  • My Financial discipline keeps me out of debt
    Financial Discipline: Tips for Spending Money Wisely in 2015
    'Tis the season of giving but instead of buying things on credit, which is technically spending money that we don't have, let's give out some financial discipline. My gift giving campaign for the giving season is called "...
  • Rick  Snyder
    Michigan’s tax proposal
    In May Michigan voters will be asked to raise the state’s sales tax to 7% and install a floating fuel tax along with raising taxes on several other things. The benefits include an increase in school funding of about $300 million. Less than...
  • Giving spirit
    Regional champions, new incentive partner emerge in Colorado Gives Day 2014
    Community First Foundation, host of Colorado Gives Day, announced Thursday that donations were up 28 percent for the 24-hour online giving event. The total for Colorado Gives Day 2014 was $26,275,000, a new record. “It was crazy in a good...