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  • What Makes a Good BI Solution?
    What Makes a Good BI Solution?
    Business intelligence (BI) involves using technology to analyze data for actionable insights and improved decision-making. BI solutions collect internal and external data from a variety of sources and provide numerous tools for interacting with...
  • 4 states hold legislative session biennially
    Is your state legislature in session? Small Business Owner, do you care?
    The National Conference of State Legislatures notes, “In the early 1960s, only 19 state legislatures met annually…Today, 46 state legislatures meet annually.” There are only four states: Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas...
  • Bella Anya Website
    Bella Anya - A New Clothing Source for Small Online Sellers
    Bella Anya is a wholesale source for small online sellers who don’t want to buy a whole pallet but instead purchase a more manageable size of clothing for their eBay businesses. I spoke with owner Anna Hertzog this week about how her company...