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  • Coming to you - fast
    “Just be yourself”
    Seems like Sage advice from many a well meaning friend. However, most do not know themselves. Let’s think about it, we are totally controlled by “external influences” until about the age of 4. Parents, grand-parents, older...
  • The Global Hamlet
    People's edition of Hamlet makes literature understandable to the masses
    Without doubt, Hamlet is one of the most iconic pieces of literature ever produced. Since the play was written by Shakespeare (between 1599 and 1602), it has been performed countless times on stages across the world, adapted for film and...
  • Vigybu fitness apps
    App promotes physical fitness for kids with disabilities
    Every parent and teacher wishes the best for their children. They do their best to keep their children safe, comfortable and healthy. This is no different for parents of children with disabilities or special needs. All children can benefit from...