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  • ISIS say they are winning
    Only one solution to defeating ISIS
    Bear in mind, there is no exit.The only solution to defeating ISIS and ISIL, which are initiatives to replace existing governments with Sunni sectarian replacements as a caliphate, is for the citizens living in the affected areas to resist, and...
  • There’s no Longer an Opposition Party
    There’s no Longer an Opposition Party
    The Party’s OverIt’s not 2010 Any LongerGOP has Rejected the Tea Party RevivalIn 2009 and 2010, the Tea Party exploded on the scene. Largely through the efforts of Tea Party Movement, the objectives of the Council on Foreign Relations...
  • isis
    Aussie hard line on Islamic jihadists, possible implemetation of Sharia Law
    Long known as not only as victims of Islamist terrorism, Australia has a history of taking the fight to the jihadists. Both at the federal level as well as on the grassroots, Aussies are taking firm but controversial separate stances against...

Strange News

  • Dead man shows signs of  life before autopsy is performed
    Dead man shows signs of life before autopsy is performed
    Although paramedics from the Milwaukee Fire Department claimed that by the time they arrived at Thomas Sancomb’s apartment his body was cold to the touch and rigor had begun to set in, Sancomb came back to life nearly 40 minutes after being...
  • German grandmother gives birth to quadruplets
    German grandmother gives birth to quadruplets
    Annegret Raunigk of Germany first made tabloid headlines 10 years ago when she gave birth to her 13th child. Now she has outdone herself even more by giving birth to quadruplets at the age of 65 after undergoing artificial insemination in Ukraine...
  • Cops:  Maryland mom found pushing dead toddler son in swing
    Cops: Maryland mom found pushing dead toddler son in swing
    A bizarre and disturbing report is coming out of La Plata, Maryland, as officials with the Charles County Sheriff's Office say they found a 24-year-old mother pushing her dead three-year-old son on a swing in a local playground early on the...

Business & Finance

  • Mephisto shoes
    Mephisto shoes a profitable brand to sell on eBay
    Part of being a successful eBay seller is staying "in the know" about products, trends, and brands to sell for profit. Some items are evergreen and will always be profitable because they are vintage or truly limited in number. Others...
  • dave mccurdy
    Natural Gas Focuses on Safety and Transportation
    President and CEO of the American Gas Association (AGA), Dave McCurdy recently addressed a group of energy investors, executives and enthusiasts about where natural gas is heading from a 5,000-foot-view. In his view, safety is their number one...
  • Austin Dillon, winner of 34th Annual Hisense 300
    Sports: From Hisense 300 to The Coca Cola 600, the Racing is On
    Often, we mostly remember winners, or perhaps, competitive efforts. In this instance, the winner, of the 34th Annual Hisense 300, is Austin Dillon. ( The difference between 1st and 2nd place...
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