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  • Scouts return $100K donation to anti-transgender 'charitable' donor
    Scouts return $100K donation to anti-transgender 'charitable' donor
    A Girl Scouts organization's return of a $100K donation recently was a big blow to the funds they raised in order to send 500 girls to summer camp. Less than a month after the Girl Scouts stood strong on their policy by allowing transgender...
  • No drone zone
    Drones may not fly in D.C., FAA warns
    With Independence Day approaching, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reminding residents and visitors in the Washington, D.C., region that the city and its surroundings are a “no drone zone.”“So if you’re in the...
  • Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing Maps service. The move is intended to reduce the company's reliance on Google and Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal on June 29, 2015, about 100 Microsoft employees will be...


  • A man scrapes a barbecue grill
    Just in time for Independence Day, the Left is coming for our barbeque grills
    On this Independence Day, one of the sadder aspects of American life we have to consider is the tendency of some Americans to wag their fingers at others about the way they choose to live, sometimes with disastrous results. The temperance movement...
  • Bernie Sanders campaign
    Bernie Sanders campaign reels in $15M during first quarter
    The Bernie Sanders campaign raised more than $15 million since April 30, spread out between 250,000 donors. The campaign made the announcement Saturday and reported that the Democrat presidential candidate received an average donation of $33 and...
  • Red Skelton, Independance Day and true patriotism
    Red Skelton, Independance Day and true patriotism
    One of the most inspiring parts of the American experience is the Pledge of Allegiance. Red Skelton once related to his TV audience a lesson he was taught when he was a student. Here is that lesson:When I was a small boy in Vincennes, Indiana, I...

Strange News

Business & Finance

  • twitter marketing tips
    Twitter Marketing Tips That You Should Give a Try
    Making your brand visible on Twitter is no longer an option anymore. As more and more customers are using this platform to communicate with brands and to redress their grievances, it has become customary for marketers and brands to make sure that...
  • New York Stock Exchange
    Stock market preview for the week of July 6, 2015
    The S&P 500 saw volatility return Monday in a 2.09% retreat and that downturn took the index to a fourth significant retreat from the 100 L resistance. The next two sessions regained some of the losses before Thursday finished the holiday...
  • Project Management Tools
    Top 4 Picks For Project Management Tools For The Modern Workplace
    Product innovation and technology have transformed project management. Competition is fierce. It is essential for companies to provide services that are beneficial to their customers. They need to integrate marketing tactics and tools, offer...
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