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  • Al Sharpton
    Al Sharpton has organized protests in 25 U.S. cities pending grand jury decision
    Al Sharpton is known to viewers of MSNBC as the host who misreads half of the words that scroll uphis teleprompter and tostate and federal courts as guyis in arrears to the tune of $4.5 million. Butthe role for which he is best known is about to...
  • Mitch McConnell
    On legal grounds and Congress cannot defund it
    Don’t mess with a smart president who has precedence on his side. President Obama’s action tonight on immigration will be legal and according to a report in The Hill, Congress cannot do anything to defund it.The reason is that Obama...
  • Stadium or bust
    Soccer stadium news continues to change
    It looks like news of the potential proposed D.C. United (DCU) stadium is taking shape again.D.C. Mayor-electMuriel Bowserrecently announced she'll take theReeves Centeroff the landswaptable, which was part of the agreed land deal in getting...

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  • Ensure loyal customers through satisfied clients
    Ensure loyal customers through satisfied clients
    Customer loyalty is the most important goal for any business which wants to establish a stable position for itself in the market. A loyal customer base serves as the ticket to success for every big and small enterprise, as one satisfied client is...
  • Amazon starts Black Friday deals 2014 early with eight days of deals
    Amazon starts Black Friday deals 2014 early with eight days of deals
    Shoppers who have not already began their holiday shopping can rejoice in knowing that Amazon is ready to kick off their Black Friday deals. On Thursday, November 20, 2014, Amazon reported that they are kicking off Black Friday Deals Week which...
  • Is Your Website Holiday Ready?
    Is Your Website Holiday Ready?
    You’re probably wondering why I’m revisiting Websites. The truth is people still don’t understand the purpose or importance of having a current and effective Website. Statistically, visitors will stay on your home page between...