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  • Tristan's Labyrinth
    New Jersey Political Buzz index late 2014
    In recent weeks we have been reproducing the lost "Law and Politics" index maintained at, thus far covering from the series beginning in mid 2012 by half-year steps of early 2013 and late 2013 through the middle of 2014. This...
  • 'Night Wolves' To Die For Putin
    'Night Wolves' To Die For Putin
    The Russian motorcycle gang named the Night Wolves have come out and stated that they will die for Russian President Vladimir Putin. If we were in any other country then one would say be worried. Unfortunately, the worst thing this group is known...
  • Rightful Remedy
    Rightful Remedy Conference in Charlotte
    The Rightful Remedy Conference will be held March 28 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The conference is being held in association with the Tenth Amendment Center and Young Americans for Liberty.Registration opens at 8 a.m. and the...

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  • NASCAR Driver David Starr Talks
    David Starr talks stability in the NASCAR Xfinity Series
    NASCAR driver, David Starr feels like he is starting a new life in 2015.In many aspects, this veteran racer is the new kid on the block.2015 marks the first full year David will spend running the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Starr is back with his...
  • Sears Holdings CEO Eddie Lampert hints company may disappear in order to survive
    Sears Holdings CEO Eddie Lampert hints company may disappear in order to survive
    The strange world of Sears Holdings, under the corporate leadership of its CEO and largest shareholder, Eddie Lampert, is strongly hinting that it may have to disappear in order to survive, according to a report yesterday by The Street. In its...
  • Kovacs_special_1968
    ABC: "Always be closing" is awful sales advice
    One of the first words of advice a salesperson receives at the onset of their career is ABC: Always Be Closing. The idea is that if one does not ask for the sale, they will not earn it. This is true. But should a salesperson always be closing? No...