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  • No longer a Republic, so now what?
    No longer a Republic, so now what?
    After the Framers spent long hours hammering out the most ingenious form of government mankind has ever devised, a woman happened across Benjamin Franklin as he and his colleagues emerged from their deliberations, and asked, "Dr. Franklin,...
  • Divider in Chief
    How to stab, twist and make it bleed, Obama style
    The message: if you oppose Obama's amnesty, you are unwise, uncaring, unpatriotic and racistObama is very good at misrepresenting an issue, then attacking the misrepresentation. Of course, that is the reason for setting up the...
  • Senator Bob
    Senator Bob Menendez slammed with corruption charges by DOJ
    It was announced on Friday, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are preparing charges against Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, alleging he used his office to push the interests of top Democratic donor and friend Salomon Megen in exchange for...

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  • Nelson Mandela a Life Inspired
    Free Kindle E-books Friday
    It's Friday and that means time for our free Kindle E-books. If you aren't familiar with Kindle, then you're missing out on one of the best e-readers available. Sold through Amazon, you can order a Kindle Fire or simply download the...
  • Dr. Seuss!
    This Weekend: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Weekend
    Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Whether you’re one or one hundred, his timeless words and sensibilities are bound to touch your mind and heart. Now is the time to celebrate his birthday at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach, a nonprofit museum in...
  • Investing: Getting started and a startup
    Investing: Getting started and a startup
    It's especially important for women to pay close attention to their finances, because so many find themselves-particularly after a divorce, death of a spouse or other life transition-totally unprepared.Did You Know That.....Even though women...