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  • Customer Service Advice for Online Store Owners
    Customer Service Advice for Online Store Owners
    The 21st century ushered in a new era of breakthrough technological advancements. Technology has revolutionized various segments of the society. The most significant change in the present millennium has been the proliferation of online...
  • Erin Paige Stegman Gives Keynote Address at KC Magazines Conference of The Influential Women
    A Kansas Jewelry Disruptor with the Feminine Touch has been out and about over the last few months observing, inspecting, doing trial and errors, beta testing technologies, streaming video, taking photos of the MOS(man on the street), WOS(woman on the street), attending many business...
  • Max Scherzer pitching
    MLB improvements, Part 2: Time for the DH in the NL
    Allow designated hitters in the National LeagueThe rule allowing a manager to designate a player throughout a game to hit in the lineup slot where the pitcher is scheduled to hit is almost uniform across every level of amateur and professional...
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