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  • Mike Pence
    The real intolerance in Indiana
    According to the media the latest battle of the new civil rights movement is a law in Indiana that allows business to discriminate against the LGBT community. In reality the media is either lying, or has as little comprehension about this issue as...
  • Netanyahu and Boehner met in Jerusalem where they discussed the strong US-Israel relationship
    Netanyahu, Boehner meet in Jerusalem discuss US-Israel strong bond, Iran threat
    President Barack Obama might not acknowledge Israel and the United States' "strong bond," Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, R-OH has no problem expressing and did so in his amicable meeting and statement on...
  • Marijuana Around The World, Saudi Arabia
    Marijuana Around The World, Saudi Arabia
    In Saudi Arabia, Islamic Law can be very strict. Foreigners to getting in trouble for breaking their law can be a fine, a flogging, jail, or death. The crime rate is usually very low as people don't break the law. Marijuana is almost non...

Strange News

Business & Finance

  • Customer Service Tricks for Entrepreneurs to Win a Competitive Edge in Business
    Customer Service Tricks for Entrepreneurs to Win a Competitive Edge in Business
    It is certainly easy for business owners to find an excuse for their failed business strategy and bad customer experience, but the real challenge is to face your failures, learn from them, and take measures to improve your business strategies. If...
  • spam
    How to get more consumers to read your emails
    This is no April Fool's joke: According to an emailed March 31 Center for Media Research Brief [no link available], a majority of consumers (60 percent, a Technology Advice survey of more than 1,300 adults found) do read the marketing emails...
  • IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testifying in front of the Senate September, 2014
    Tax time 2015: Is your CPA on YOUR side?
    Short answer: Probably yes. For those of you who own your own business, and who have maintained a trusting and perhaps decades-long relationship with your CPA (often called a CA in Canada), you have nothing to lose sleep over. But in view of an...
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