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  • Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo
    Donald Trump promotes Sarah Palin as cabinet secretary
    Donald Trump, the businessman and media personality, continues to defy gravity by remaining at the top of the Republican polls, despite various missteps and revelations that would have sunk a lesser candidate. According to a Tuesday story in the...
  • President Franklin Roosevelt
    Obama would like a third term but will have to do without
    President Obama was in a braggadocios mood recently when he suggested, addressing a crowd in Ethiopia, that if he were able to run for a third term that he would win. He is, after all, an awesome president and if you don’t believe him, just...
  • Barack Obama killing coal mining jobs
    Barack Obama killing coal mining jobs
    When President Obama made his now-infamous declaration that "electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket", he declared war on blue collar workers in Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania....

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Business & Finance

  • America's biggest fear could be a Chinese economic decline
    America's biggest fear could be a Chinese economic decline
    Over the past month, not only have indicators in the U.S. warned that America's economy is in recession, but those in Europe and the Far East have indicated this as well. And with China reporting on Aug. 1 their first decline in manufacturing...
  • Join the team become a Delaware volunteer firefighter
    The overlooked and hidden volunteers
    Did you know that when one calls 911 for a fire emergency, that 71% of those calls are directed to a volunteer fire department in North America?That said, the person calling who is in distress doesn't distinguish between a paid fire department...
  • Educators On Call
    Connections: Upcoming Business Events for August 2015
    Philadelphia is HOT weather wise, business wise and entertainment wise. The website,, writes in their article - "The Top 12 Things to Do in August in Philadelphia" August is the month of Restaurant Week in...
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