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  • Punishing torture is not our top priority
    Punishing torture is not the most urgent priority
    Yes, I would love to see the architects of torture, Gitmo, and Abu Gharib face punishment for their crimes. I would love to see outgoing Senator Mark Udall release the full, unredacted torture report. What I never expected was that incoming...
  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's recent comments have angered NYPD officers.
    Police union leader says that Mayor de Blasio has 'blood on his hands'
    Police officers turned their backs on New York City (NYC) Mayor Bill de Blasio as he spoke at the funeral of slain police officer Rafael Ramos, as reported by ABC News on Saturday. The police officers, who were led by union president Patrick Lynch...
  • President Obama Press Conference
    Obama's Christmas present: Higher approval ratings
    The best capital for any politician is public support, as the will of the people tends wins out in a democracy. In that light, President Obama may have received the best Christmas gift of all this year in the form of new polls which show his...

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  • 7 Ways to Recognize a
    7 Ways To Recognize A Good Or Bad Crowdfunding Project
    These are 7 ways to recognize a good or bad crowdfunding project. We all know that the internet is flooded with scammers and sad to say, crowdfunding isn’t immune. Internet scammers are very smart. While there are some that are pretty...
  • Best of the Best 2014 - Chanelle A. Watson
    Best of the Best Chefs/Cooks 2014 - Chanelle A. Watson
    In order to be voted the Best of the Best in any of our categories that means you have to have had worked hard to be recognized, released several products or services and engaged your audience. Each of our Best of Chefs/Cooks did a great job and...
  • Best Chefs/Cooks of 2014
    Best Chefs/Cooks of 2014
    Here we go again with another category. This category is for those individuals who love to cook for others. They create culinary creations that make our mouths soar to new tasty heights. If it wasn't for their love for all things food then we...