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  • President Obama takes it on the chin for immigration change based on executive privilege
    Obama and executive privilege: myth, fact, or somewhere in between?
    In what can only be seen as a checkmate to the Republican victory in the mid-term elections, President Barack Obama’s swift use of executive action to lay the foundation for a future, and hoped for, Congressional action to pass a...
  • Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel
    With Hagel out, Obama could name first female defense secretary
    In a shocking turn of events, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced his resignation on November 24. While no one knows for sure who will be taking his place, the reported front runner is former defense official, Michele Flournoy.Inserted into...
  • Pembina
    Do not carry firearms to the 'black Friday" sale
    This story comes from the Department of Homeland Security, a federal agency that reminds travelers in remote Pembina, North Dakota to “anticipate heavy traffic in the United States on November 27 during the observance of Thanksgiving and for...

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