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  • Neonatal care
    For control of Obamacare HHS starts small
    The Department of Health and Human Services who is now in charge of Obamacare has been financing studies to control the cost of government funded healthcare. They decided to start small in 1995 by paying twenty million dollars to find out how much...
  • Prevalence of ADHD in the United States in 2007
    Oxygen deprivation before birth linked to ADHD in new study
    Scientists at Kaiser Permanente are the first to develop a link between fetal oxygen deprivation and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). The research was presented in the journal Pediatrics on December 10, 2012.Exposure to birth asphyxia, neonatal...
  • sleeping baby
    Are newborns using marijuana?
    Baby shampoos and other soaps used to wash newborn babies may cause infants to test positive for marijuana. Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill began their investigation after nurses at the UNC Chapel Hill nursery reported...
  • Breastfeeding Baby
    Beginning a breastfeeding journey
    Breastfeeding is a journey. It is arduous at times, though the scenery is usually pretty good (who doesn't like looking at their baby?). And like all journeys, breastfeeding begins with the first step. But wait, let’s not forget...
  • New center will benefit ill babies
    Plans for new NICU in Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center
    There are plans for a new 12-bed neonatal intensive care unit in the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. This new project will cost 10.2 million dollars and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2011. Geisinger official's also plan...
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