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  • African American Charlize Theron
    Why won't racism go away?
    “Who’s Billy’s little colored friend?”I turned expectantly to my mother, to whom the question was addressed. I couldn’t wait to find out which of my friends was colored. Had Paul fallen into a vat of purple paint? Had...
  • Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass embarks on his next mission
    Frederick Douglass now began to feel he was now a man without a cause. The Civil War was over and freedom for the slaves had been achieved. Having dedicated his life to the abolishment of slavery, he never gave thought as to what he would do...
  • Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass’s dream becomes a reality
    Douglass greeted the opening days of the Civil War with mixed emotions. Though he was not happy to see the war itself erupt, he was thankful the time had now arrived when the chains of slavery could finally be destroyed.One month into the war,...
  • Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass begins the Civil Rights Movement
    One hundred years before Rosa Parks ever boarded a bus; Frederick Douglass was hard at work breaking ground for those who would come after him. On August 16, 1841, he reached a turning point in his life. On this day, he gave his first speech to...
  • Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass found freedom and love
    As Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey made friends with more and more free blacks, a fire began to burn within him to be rid of slavery’s chains. He now began to consider various avenues by which he could buy his way to freedom and asked...
  • Margaret Sanger
    Planned Parenthood's Negro Project
    Not too long ago, a war of words took place betweenSusan B. Komen(SBK) and Planned Parenthood (PP). PP went up in arms when SBK stated they would no longer be sending the $50,000 grant PP had been receiving. As a result, PP, who stated they need...
  • Army Negro ok
    Army: 'Negro' ok to use when referring to black service members
    An Army document recently revealed shows that the term “negro” is acceptable when referring to African American members of the armed forces, causing outcry among those who "be all that they can be."Writes CNN on Nov. 5: ...
  • bm
    Funnyman Bill Maher on Obama: 'I voted for the boy who won'
    Late night cable TV host Bill Maher may have unwittingly added himself to the litany of prominent and quite wealthy white liberals who have referred to Barack Obama in less that complimentary terms. As reported by the right-of-center news portal...
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Howdy pardner! How white is Cheyenne?
    Is Cheyenne a city that welcomes diversity? Does racism exists in Cheyenne?Larry Jackson answers, “Big time. There is no doubt about it. As a black man, you don’t feel equal. You can hear people telling black jokes. It can hurt your...
  • More on being black like Larry
    More on being black like Larry
    Larry Jackson is a man who stands out in a crown, especially if it is a crowd of white people. He recalls the time he donated to Ducks Unlimited. He was invited to one of the organizations fund raisers. “I was the only black person in a room...
  • Plecker
    Remembering Walter Plecker: Part 3
    Walter Plecker had teamed up with John Powell, who succeeded in heading up the eugenics movement in Virginia.. Plecker on the other hand, stayed out of the limelight at this time, working on racial separation bills that he kept pushing on the...
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