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  • Lace
    An Italian Lace Affair
    Pitti Uomo has just wrapped up and, as always, delivered an endless abundance of patterns, new designers and trends to appreciate. Milan Fashion Week (MFW) for Men will commence tomorrow, June 22 - 26, 2013, as Italy continues to be a fashion hub...
  • Older worker
    Employer Vita Needle Proudly Hires Older Workers In Their 70s And Beyond
    Employer Vita Needle Proudly Hires Older Workers In Their 70s And Beyond. Older workers do what they can to hide their age, in fear of age discrimination.That is not necessary if you’re applying to Vita Needle, the Needham, Mass based needle...
  • Needle
    Needle (2010)
    As a horror movie reviewer, this reviewer does her best to present reviews of little known horror films to horror fans of all ages. Whether it is a warning to steer clear of the film because of its lack in quality or recommending a film as an...
  • Needle
    DVD review: Needle
    Starring Michael Dorman and Ben MendelsohnCo-Written & Directed by John V SotoThe end of November may seem like a peculiar time to be releasing a horror film, but on this last new release Tuesday of November there are several films in the...
  • A Distracted Child Recieving A Shot
    Children and needle anxiety, the key solution
    Around Orlando, you will find many hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics with children needing medical care. Unfortunately, part of that care may involve inserting a needle into your child. This happens for good purpose, to keep children...
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